The best 40 boxers advanced to the finals of the Tajikistan National Spartakyad in Dushanbe

The Tajikistan National Spartakyad holds for their elite female and male boxers in Dushanbe and the event turned into its final phase after the exciting semi-finals. Several dreams finals realized between experienced boxers in the National Spartakyad where record number of women boxers attends.  

Tajikistan claimed four bronze medals in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where two of their girls and boys succeeded. Tajikistan qualified two boxers for the Tokyo Olympic Games, Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Champion Bakhodur Usmonov (63kg) and FISU University World Champion Shabbos Negmatulloev (81kg).

Boxers who were born in 1981 and in 2002 are eligible to attend in the Tajikistan National Spartakyad in Dushanbe. The national event is their next selection before the AIBA World Boxing Championships which is scheduled to be held in Belgrade, Serbia between 26 October and 6 November. Their National R&J Seminar holds also during the Spartakyad where the number of the participating referees is 13.

The women boxers can compete in ten weight categories and the National Spartakyad saw record number of female participants in Dushanbe. The first final will be held between Khatlon region’s hopes, Khusniya Kholova and Farizamo Yokubova who both proved good performance in the semi-finals of the light flyweight (48kg).

One of the most exiting female finals will be held between Sumaiya Kosimova and Rukhafzo Khaknazarova at the flyweight (51kg). Kosimova was near to qualify for the Tokyo Olympic Games through the Asian & Oceanian Olympic Boxing Qualifying Event while both of the finalists attended at the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in Dubai.

ASBC Asian Women’s Boxing Championships bronze medallist Mizhgona Samadova of Dushanbe will be meeting for the gold medal with Zukhro Mengliyeva of Sughd region at the featherweight (57kg). Dushanbe’s next boxer, who claimed already two bronze medals at the ASBC Asian Women’s Boxing Championships Shoira Zulkaynarova will have an international level opponent, Shakhlo Rakhimova in the final of the lightweight (60kg).

The men’s bantamweight (56kg) saw four top boxers in the semi-finals and after those outstanding contests Bakhtovar Sagizov and 19-year-old Khusravkhon Rakhimov advanced to the final following their successes over Dushanbe-based athletes, two-time Youth National Champion Voris Makhmudov and returning Fayzmamad Malakhbekov. Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Champion Bakhodur Usmonov will be meeting for gold medal with Murid Chorshanbiyev of Badakhshan region.

Saidikrom Amonov is the favourite of the men’s welterweight (69kg) and he will be facing for the title with Sharaf Davlatov. The dream final at the men’s middleweight (75kg) also realized between Dushanbe’s Bakhtiyor Mirzomukhammed and 20-year-old Abdumalik Boltayev who both represented Tajikistan in the previous ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships.

Nekruz Salimov and Nekruz Sharipov advanced to the final of the light heavyweight (81kg) in the absence of Shabbos Negmatulloev and Akhmadjon Saidov. The best possible final at the super heavyweight (+91kg) also realized in Dushanbe where former Asian Games veteran Jakhon Kurbonov will be meeting with Mukhammad Abroridinov.

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