The Asian Boxing Confederation’s General Assembly was held in Bangkok one year ago

The Asian Boxing Confederation’s General Assembly was held just before the start of the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand on April 17 in 2019. Its most important part the ASBC Elections for the Vice-Presidency and the ASBC Executive Committee memberships was held in the Grand Fourwings Hotel in Bangkok one year ago.

Altogether 36 delegations had the voting rights in the ASBC General Assembly and two countries attended there as Observers in Bangkok. All of the zones of the Asian continent sent delegations to the ASBC General Assembly and the participation statistic was record in the history of any meetings of the Asian Boxing Confederation.

In accordance to the ASBC Constitution 32.1/B the Asian AIBA EC members were automatically ASBC Executive Committee members: Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira of Thailand, Ms. Shelly Selowati H. Soejono of Indonesia and Mr. Yousuf Ali Al-Kazem of Qatar.

Scrutineers were appointed before the start of the official elections according to the AIBA and ASBC rules in Bangkok. Two ASBC Vice-Presidents and nine ASBC Executive Committee members have been elected by the voting delegations of the ASBC General Assembly by secret ballots in 11 rounds.

China’s Mr. Wu Di and South Korea’s Jae Joon Yoo were elected as new Vice-President of the Asian Boxing Confederation while Qatar’s Yousuf Ali Al-Kazeem and Thailand’s Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira automatically joined to this position due to the 2018 AIBA Congress. Since then the only change is that Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira resigned and Thailand’s Mr. Chaiwat Chotima replaced him.

Indonesia’s Ms. Shelly Selowati H. Soejono was already elected in Moscow to the ASBC Executive Committee but further members have been appointed in Bangkok: Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir of Singapore, Mr. Jaber Mohsen of Kuwait, Mr. Sisouphanh Sengsavanh of Laos, Mr. Iraq’s Ali Takleef Shaheed of Iraq, Mr. Edgar Picson of Philippines, Mr. Jay Kowli of India, Mr. Dian Gomes of Sri Lanka, Mr. Zhusupbek Korgonbai Uulu of Kyrgyzstan and Mr. Saken Polatov of Uzbekistan. Mr. Jaber Mohsen resigned from his EC position and he was replaced by Palestine’s President Mr. Fawzi Asafra a few months ago.

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