The ASBC is on the educational pathway in 2023 and Bangkok was the first big step with three successful courses

The management of the Asian Boxing Confederation made a strong decision in the recent weeks to hold as many educational programs as possible in the year of 2023. ASBC, IBA and the Thailand Boxing Association arranged all of the courses in Bangkok which delivered success and it was a new milestone in Asia’s boxing life.

The ASBC President Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira visited the sessions of the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships and supported all of the Courses in Bangkok to develop all aspects of boxing in Asia. Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira underlined during his first speech after the ASBC Presidential elections in Amman, Jordan on March 2022 that the Asian Boxing Confederation will host several new educational programs during his leadership.

Next to the 2-star Referee & Judge Course, the ITO Course, a rare educational program, the Cutman Course was also held at the SC Park Hotel during the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships in Bangkok, Thailand. The Thailand Boxing Association covered all of the expenses of the Instructors during the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships and the logistic arrangements but their strong staff made a fantastic job in the recent weeks.

Mr. John Waith of Wales was the Instructor of the IBA ITO Course in Bangkok, who worked in dozens of big championships in the recent years and he supported also the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships as an official. Mrs. Sadie Duffy of Ireland and Mr. Lenny D’Gama of India were the Instructors of the 2-stars Referee & Judge Course in Bangkok. Mr. Denis Kolesnik led the Cutman Course in the recent days where participants joined from other Confederations as well.

The language of the theoretical and practical sessions of all of the programs was English.  After the successful examinations, the participants of these three courses will receive their ITO certifications and will be able to work in all of the major championships in the future.

The Asian Boxing Confederation will arrange together with IBA further educational programs in the main championships in 2023. According to the current plans there will be a 3-star Referee & Judge and a 3-star Coach Course at the first ASBC Asian Clubs Elite Boxing Championships in July, additionally refreshment seminars involved also to the program. A 2-star Referee & Judge and a 2-star Coach Course will be held during the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in July. For the new officials, there will be a 1-star Coach and a 1-star Referee & Judge Course at the ASBC Asian Schoolboys & Schoolgirls Boxing Championships in October.

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