The ASBC EC Meeting approved the reports and the 2022 ASBC Boxing Calendar which includes five championships

The Asian Boxing Confederation’s Executive Committee Meeting was held online to discuss the important questions online. Following the roll calls and discussions, all of the ASBC documents and reports were approved including the 2022 ASBC Boxing Calendar which contains five championships next year.

ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba, the ASBC Vice-Presidents as Mr. Yousuf Ali Al-Kazim of Qatar, Mr. Chaiwat Chotima of Thailand, Mr. Wu Di of China, Mr. Yoo Jae Joon of South Korea, and the Corporate Vice-President Mr. Saken Polatov of Uzbekistan joined to the online negotiations.

All of the main decision makers attended in the meeting, furthermore Ms. Shelly Selowati H. Soejono of Indonesia, Mr. Syed Abdul Kadir of Singapore, Mr. Edgar Picson of Philippines, Mr. Jay Kowli of India, Mr. Ali Takleef Shaheed of Iraq and Mr. Fawzi Asafra of Palestine and joined to them among the ASBC EC members.

The previous Minutes of the ASBC EC Meeting, the ASBC General Assembly Documents, the ASBC Administration Report, the Financial Report, some amendments in the ASBC Constitution and the 2022 ASBC Competition Calendar all were approved by the Asian Boxing Confederation’s Executive Committee.

The ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships was postponed from December 2021 to January 2022 and will be held in Uzbekistan’s capital, in Tashkent. This will be the first ever ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships in order to keep the younger talents following their youth ages and strengthen the background. Uzbekistan Boxing Federation will be hosting the event in January 20-30 for the women and men U22 boxers.

ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships will be the next continental event in the continent and its planning date is February 20 – March 5. The Asian Games had fixed dates since many years and it will be held in the second part of September in Hangzhou, China. The women’s and men’s elite boxers can prepare to this event at the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships which is planning to be hosted in June. August is the plan for the ASBC Asian Schoolboys & Schoolgirls Boxing Championships and will be held in Bahrain. The event has been postponed from 2021 and will be the second edition for the schoolboys and the first competition for the schoolgirls. December is the date of the ASBC Asian Grand Slam Boxing Championships which will be held in China and returns to the schedule after three years of break.

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