The ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships officially relocated to Dubai and will be held between 21st of May and 1st of June

The forthcoming ASBC Asian Elite Men and Women Boxing Championships relocated from New Delhi, India to Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the same regulations and protocols. The competition’s period is almost the same, starting from the 21st of May and it is extended until the 1st of June in the new venue in Dubai.

The management of the Asian Boxing Confederation followed the Indian Covid-19 situation which was getting even worse every day therefore the decision has been done to move the event to Dubai. The Olympic Games is the most important event of the year and the ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba decided to keep the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships as active preparation before Tokyo.

The ASBC head office and the management is ready to help any of the teams which need support in the registration protocols and in any other queries. The Asian Boxing Confederation is extending its deepest condolences and deepest sympathies to the Indian people and their Boxing Family in this hard situation.

The Team Delegations Handbook was sent to all of the affiliated Asian National Federations in the first part of March and the regulations and conditions are the same even the championship has been relocated to Dubai. Boxers who were born between 1980 and 2002, are eligible to attend in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships in the United Arab Emirates.

The competition will be held nearly two months before the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games which makes the event ideal for all of our top female and male boxers. The women boxers can attend in 10 weight categories in the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships: light flyweight (48kg), flyweight (51kg), bantamweight (54kg), featherweight (57kg), lightweight (60kg), light welterweight (64kg), welterweight (69kg), middleweight (75kg), light heavyweight (81kg) and heavyweight (+81kg).

The men boxers can compete also in 10 different weight classes in Dubai as follows: light flyweight (49kg), flyweight (52kg), bantamweight (56kg), lightweight (60kg), light welterweight (64kg), welterweight (69kg), middleweight (75kg), light heavyweight (81kg), heavyweight (91kg), and super heavyweight (+91kg).

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