The All Japan National Championships will be held between November 21 and 26

The All Japan Elite National Championships will be one of the highlights of the boxing week, a selection competition for the upcoming international challenges.

The new edition of the All Japan National Championships will be held at the Sumida Ward General Gymnasium in Tokyo between November 21 and 26.

Teams are in strong preparations for the national event and all of their best female and male boxers will be able to participate in the Sumida Ward General Gymnasium. Japan’s next generation boxers who shined in the previous youth and U22 competitions, could be the new sensations of the National Championships.

The event is the selection for the 1st World Olympic Boxing Qualification Tournament which will be held in Busto Arsizio, Italy from February 29 in 2024.

The All Japan National Championships is the Road to Paris Olympics and the winners will be secured the rights to represent the country in the main international events in 2024.

The 2021 Men’s Elite World Champion Sewon Okazawa (71kg) and their new featherweight (57kg) boxer in the national team Shudai Harada have already qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics through the Asian Games.

Their top female boxers such as the Tokyo Olympic Games bronze medallist Tsukimi Namiki (50kg) and the ASBC Asian Elite Champion Rinka Kinoshita (54kg) did not secure their tickets to Paris yet and both have to win first the All Japan National Championships.

The first competition day in the All Japan National Championships will be November 21 while November 26 is the day of the finals.

The schedule of the All Japan National Championships

November 21, 13:30 – Day1 competition

November 22, 11:00 – Day2 competition

November 23, 11:00 – Day3 competition

November 24, 11:00 – Day4 competition

November 25, 10:00 – Day5 competition November 26, 10:00 – Day6 competition

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