The 7th Mongolian Children National Games will be opening with 33 bouts on Friday

Following the Mongolian Olympic Start National Boxing Championships, their next competition is the 7th Children National Games which will start tomorrow.

The Mongolian Children National Games will be held for the 2007 and 2008 born boxers in the province of Bayankhongor to strengthen the regions’ boxing life. Bayankhongor, which is located in the southwest of the country, is at an elevation of 1859m above the sea level and perfect for trainings and competitions.

The Mongolian Boxing Federation hosted the national events one by one in the previous months and selected the teams in all of the age groups. Their elite boxers spent a long training camp in Germany while the juniors, schoolboys, schoolgirls and the smallest kids competed in this new kind of national event in Ulaanbaatar last week.

Twenty teams registered to participate in the 7th Mongolian Children National Games, several of the country’s 21 provinces are attending in Bayankhongor. Altogether 174 young boxers including 69 female and 105 male will compete for the medals and titles in the Children National Games.

The women boxers will be able to participate in eight weight categories: 44kg, 46kg, 48kg, 50kg, 52kg, 54kg, 57kg and +57kg. The male boxers will be fighting for 10 titles in Bayankhongor: 44kg, 46kg, 48kg, 50kg, 52kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63kg and +63kg.

The Mongolian Children National Games will be starting with 33 contests on June 23, Friday at 13:00 local time. The eighteen finals of the National Games have been scheduled in the fifth competition day on June 27.

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