Teenage talent Abdumalik Boltayev wins in the Tajikistan Youth National Championships

The Tajikistan Youth National Championships was a selection event for their younger hopes and to find new talents in the country. Tajikistan’s best boxer in this age group Abdumalik Boltayev won his weight class by large margin of differences and has got excellent chance to represent his country in the upcoming main international events.
The event was held in Dushanbe where boxers who were born in 2001 and in 2002 were eligible to compete in the Tajikistan Youth National Championships. Boxers who were born in 2002 are still juniors but the Tajikistan Boxing Federation is managing them for later actions. Tajikistan has been preparing to the upcoming ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand in April.
The first gold medal was achieved by Dushanbe’s Shukhrat Shobekov at the light flyweight (49kg) who defeated Badakhshan’s Shodikhon Yormamadov by unanimous decision. Kirom Mashbarov of Dushanbe had a strong opponent in the semi-finals but he was able to beat Orzu Shermamadov and after that Yusuf Kabirov in the gold medal bout of the flyweight (52kg).
Badakhshan’s Youth National Championships silver medallist Shaydo Shermamadov moved up one weight class in the recent one year and he shocked Junior National Champion Mavlon Fayziyev of Dushanbe in the final of the bantamweight (56kg). Experienced hopes as Bekhruz Karimov and Rasul Azimov claimed only bronze medals this time.
Khatlon region’s Junior National Championships silver medallist Faridun Shokhnazarov moved up to the lightweight (60kg) and did not give and chance to Khudjand’s Shokhrukh Saidov in the final. A top final was held between two Dushanbe-based boxers Aziz Nabiyev and Eradj Rakhmatulloyev at the light welterweight (64kg). Nabiyev, who eliminated Shokhrukh Chiyanov in the semi-final, was able to beat his top rival Rakhmatulloyev as well.
Junior National Champion Abdumalik Boltayev is the best Tajik boxer at the 2001 age group who had to meet with a younger opponent Timur Negmatulloev of Dushanbe in the semi-final. Timur is the younger brother of Tajikistan’s elite No.1 Abbos but Boltayev was able to beat him in the last four. Boltayev, who moved up three weight classes in the recent one year, was too strong for Sadam Nazarov in the final of the welterweight (69kg).
Khudjand’s Rakhmonbek Begmatov is also a well-known boxer who claimed several national titles in the schoolboys and junior level in Tajikistan. The 17-year-old middleweight (75kg) boxer was too strong for Dushanbe’s Sokhib Radjabov and Khatlon’s Ramoil Kurbonov in the final stages of the national event.
Davron Ergashev was silver medallist in the last edition of the Tajikistan Youth National Championships in Turgonzoda one year ago and his coaches decided to move him up to the light heavyweight (81kg). The 17-year-old boxer was too strong for Sorbon Rakhmatov in the semi-final and did enough against Ziyovudin Garibsho of Dushanbe in the final.
Khudjand’s Rustam Kodirov achieved the next title of the national event where he was able to beat Dushanbe’s Ayub Kodirov at the heavyweight (91kg). The last gold medal of the Tajikistan Youth National Championships was achieved by Dushanbe’s Mekhrovar Toshev who defeated Islom Nabiyev at the super heavyweight (+91kg).

List of the winners in the Tajikistan Youth National Championships
49kg: Shukhrat Shobekov
52kg: Kirom Mashbarov
56kg: Shaydo Shermamadov
60kg: Faridun Shokhnazarov
64kg: Aziz Nabiyev
69kg: Abdumalik Boltayev
75kg: Rakhmonbek Begmatov
81kg: Davron Ergashev
91kg: Rustam Kodirov
+91kg: Mekhrovar Toshev