Tajikistan hosts a National R&J Seminar during their Spartakyad

The Tajikistan Boxing Federation hosts its first big national event this year, the Spartakyad for their elite female and male boxers in Dushanbe. Besides to the competition, the National Refereeing & Judging Seminar is also taking place in Dushanbe to increase the experiences and knowledge of their R&Js.

The Instructors of the National Refereeing & Judging Seminar are Tajikistan’s two AIBA 3-stars R&J as Mr. Mansur Mukhiddinov and Mr. Akmal Abdullaev. Their last National Referee & Judge Course was held before the start of the Tajikistan Youth National Championships in the city of Kulob in October 2020.

Mansur Mukhiddinov worked as a Referee & Judge in AIBA World Boxing Championships and ASBC Asian Boxing Championships. As a boxer, Mansur Mukhiddinov claimed gold medal at the 1995 Tajikistan National Championships as the age of 18 and competed also at the Tashkent 1999 Asian Boxing Championships and many other international events.

Mr. Akmal Abdullaev worked in several ASBC events and international tournaments including the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and at the Dubai 2021 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships. As a boxer he claimed silver medal at the bantamweight (54kg) in the 2005 Tajikistan National Championships. Mr. Abdullaev was the Supervisor of the 2020 Tajikistan Schoolboys National Championships and other competitions.

Boxers who were born in 1981 and in 2002 are eligible to attend in the Tajikistan National Spartakyad in Dushanbe. All of the regions sent their best boxers to the multisport competition to Dushanbe and strengthen the Spartakyad.

The national event is their next selection before the AIBA World Boxing Championships which is scheduled to be held in Belgrade, Serbia between 26 October and 6 November. Tajikistan Boxing Federation could host all of their National Championships in 2020, their elite, youth, junior and schoolboy boxers competed for the medals in their homeland despite of the difficulties.

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