Syrian Junior National Championships

Syrian Junior National Championships 02
Thirteen new winners in the Syrian Junior National Championships
The Syrian Junior National Championships was held in the capital city of the country in Damascus where 100 boxers from 14 teams took part in the event. The last edition of their junior national event was held in November 2014 after three years of long break hosting national championships in Syria due the Civil War.
President of the Syrian Boxing Federation and Executive Committee member of the Asian Boxing Confederation Mr. Issa Al Nassar is proud of the fact their LOC could host the national event during the political crisis in the country.
All of the regions of Syria sent boxers to the Junior National Championships where athletes who were born in 1999 and 2000 were allowed to take part. The competition was be held in all of the thirteen junior weight classes: 46 kg , 48 kg, 50 kg, 52 kg, 54 kg, 57 kg, 60 kg, 63 kg, 66 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg and +80 kg.
The Army Club won the team rankings in the Syrian Junior National Championships, Damascus ranked as No.2 while Hama finished as third in the event. The first gold medal of the Syrian Junior National Championships was achieved by 16-year-old talented hope Tariq Mardanee of Damascus at the Pinweight class (46 kg) where he was too quick for Ahmad Al-Ali of Tartous.
Aiman Al-Nashawi was the second gold medallist in the event who lives and trains in Damascus and defeated Abdalfatah Hazowani in the final of the Light Flyweight class (48 kg). Army Club’s first winner was Hamed Ghader at the Flyweight class (50 kg) while Hama’s first gold medal was achieved by Abdullah Maghmom at the Bantamweight class (54 kg) in the Syrian Junior National Championships.
Amar Heidar (63 kg) from Latakia, Ahmad Badour (75 kg) of Army Club, Abdalhamed Youssef (80 kg) of Tartous and Ahmad Sirrieh (+80 kg) from the Police Club proved top quality of performance in Damascus.
Winners in the Syrian Junior National Championships
46 kg: Tariq Mardanee
48 kg: Aiman Al-Nashawi
50 kg: Hamed Ghader
52 kg: Mohammed Faez Safeeh
54 kg: Abdullah Maghmom
57 kg: Adeb Habra
60 kg: Osama Alaje
63 kg: Amar Heidar
66 kg: Mudar Hamdan
70 kg: Jamal Shikh Fares
75 kg: Ahmad Badour
80 kg: Abdalhamed Youssef
+80 kg: Ahmad Sirrieh