Seidakmatov, Bektenov and Usupov were the bests in the Kyrgyzstan U21 National Championships

Following their Schoolboys National Tournament and the Youth National Championships, Kyrgyzstan’s next national event was held for their U21 age group. Kyrgyzstan’s three top future hopes as Sanzhar Seidakmatov, Rysbek Bektenov and Akhmed Usupov all won their categories in the national event.

Kyrgyzstan claimed one gold medal in the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships on November which was a historical milestone for the Central Asian boxing power. Boxers who were born in 1999, 2000 or in 2001 were eligible to attend in the competition which was selection for the upcoming ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships.

The first gold medal of the event was achieved by Aigerim Danigulova who won mostly youth events in Kyrgyzstan and crowned at the women’s flyweight (51kg). Yryskan Askerova stopped Nurzhamal Gaparova in the next female final while her sister Ayday Askerova spent only short time in the ring against Nazmi Musayeva at the lightweight (60kg). The further female gold medals were achieved by Toktogul’s two young hopes Nurbubu Sultanova (69kg) and Ayday Borbasheva (75kg).

Nurseit Ashirmamatov competed at the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships but he had a tough first fight against Elzar Satimbayev. He survived that quarter-final and continued his winning path against Imanbek Zulpukarov and Bek Manasbek Uulu at the flyweight (52kg).

Sanzhar Seidakmatov has been attending in the international events since 2016 and the 20-year-old talent showed wonderful performance in the Kyrgyz U21 National Championships. He is moving ahead step by step in the national elite rankings and dominated all of his fights at the bantamweight (57kg). Seidakmatov knocked out Bishkek’s Altynbek Erzhigit Uulu in the final of the event.

Rysbek Bektenov competed at the Puerto Princesa 2017 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and claimed silver medal at the 2019 Kyrgyzstan Elite National Championships. Bektenov will be turning to 19 this year but his strength and powerful punches demonstrated his bright future in this event. He stopped three opponents before beating Aidar Oroskulov in the final of the lightweight (63kg).

Nursultan Azisbek Uulu was not the main favourite at the welterweight (69kg) but he defeated all of his four rivals including ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships competitor, Sultan Asankul Uulu in the final. The middleweight (75kg) title was achieved by Dmitriy Puchnin of Karakol who had a tough fight over Youth National Champion Kerimbay Erkinov in the final.

The light heavyweight (81kg) saw easy fights for Aydar Azamat Uulu who stopped all of his opponents in the Kyrgyz U21 National Championships. Dastanbek Zhumabek Uulu was the main favourite for the gold medal at the heavyweight (91kg) and he accomplished his goals against Ilyaz Niyazov. Akhmed Usupov claimed bronze medal in two big ASBC Asian Championships as junior and youth therefore he was too strong in the final for Mirastan Mirlan Uulu.

List of the winners in the Kyrgyz U21 National Championships
Women’s 51kg: Aigerim Danigulova
Women’s 57kg: Yryskan Askerova
Women’s 60kg: Ayday Askerova
Women’s 69kg: Nurbubu Sultanova
Women’s 75kg: Ayday Borbasheva
52kg: Nurseit Ashirmamatov
57kg: Sanzhar Seidakmatov
63kg: Rysbek Bektenov
69kg: Nursultan Azisbek Uulu
75kg: Dmitriy Puchnin
81kg: Aydar Azamat Uulu
91kg: Dastanbek Zhumabek Uulu
+91kg: Akhmed Usupov

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