Philippines won the medal standings in the historical first boxing tournament at the Manila 1954 Asian Games

The second edition of the Asian Games was held in 1954 in Manila in the Philippines where boxing was officially involved to the program of the multisport event at the very first time. Philippines claimed five gold medals in the historical first competition but South Korea and Japan also won titles in Manila.
The first boxing tournament was held in 7 men weight classes in Manila: 51kg, 54kg, 57kg, 60kg, 63.5kg, 67kg and 71kg. Ernesto Sajo (51kg), Helsinki 1952 Olympian Alejandro Ortuoste (54kg), Melbourne 1956 Olympian Celedonio Espinosa (60kg), two-time Olympian Ernesto Porto (63.5kg) and Vicente Yunacao (71kg) won the gold medals for the Philippines making the Southeast Asian country proud.
Sri Lanka competed in the first Asian Games under the name of Ceylon and their boxers claimed two medals in Manila. Myanmar was known previously as Burma and one of their athlete achieved bronze in the Asian Games. Singapore also signed up them to the medal standings of the historical boxing tournament in Manila.