Palestine selected three young boxers to the Asian Games

Palestine selected three boxers to participate in the upcoming Asian Games which will be the most important multisport event this year. Their enthusiast coaches managed Palestine’s three young boxers in the previous years effectively and the Asian Games could be their breakthrough in the international competitions.

Palestine joined the boxing tournament of the Asian Games in 1998 and the country claimed its only medal in this multisport event in 2002. Mounir Abukeshek was their lone bronze medallist at the light heavyweight in Busan 21 years ago.

The World Boxing Championships and ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships competitor Mr. Ahmed Harara is one of their coaches in the national team following he finished his active boxing career. Mr. Nader Jayousi sent the team to several competitions this year and the Palestinians spent several months in various training camps.

Wasim Abusal is a 19-year-old talent at the featherweight (57kg) who earned a bronze medal at the Arab Sports Games this July. He competed already at the Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships in 2023, at the Youth World Boxing Championships in 2022 and several ASBC Boxing Championships during his career.

Mohammed Soud represented Palestine at the light welterweight (63.5kg) in the Arab Sports Games where he lost his first contest but proved his progress in Algeria’s capital. He is not enough experienced in the international stage yet but he worked hard in all of the training camps to increase his technical skills.

Nidal Foqahaa is a competitive boxer at the light middleweight (71kg) who reached the quarter-finals at the Arab Sports Games in Algiers. The young boxer competed in several international competitions such as in Uzbekistan, in Montenegro, in Bosnia & Herzegovina, in Algeria and some other countries as well.

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