Outstanding semi-finals in the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships which confirmed the final line-ups

Following the power issues which affected the whole Central Asian region, the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships continued in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After the semi-finals of the competition, 20 champions will be crowned on Saturday in the Uzbek capital. Besides to the strongest nations, Sri Lanka and Iraq have got also finalists in the event where twenty-nine tough bouts were held in two sessions.

Following the Sport Entries Check, it has been confirmed that the number of boxers is 109 from 12 nations in the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships. Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are the participating nations in the difficult period which affects the whole continent in our present days.

The Technical Delegate of the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships is Mr. Viorel Sima of Romania and many non-Asian officials and referees work in the event to keep the neutrality in the historical competition.

Shudai Harada is Japan’s first finalist

Japan’s Shudai Harada never boxed out of his country yet but he impressed in the first round of the men’s featherweight (57kg) semi-finals against Malaysia’s new national team member, Ibrahim Sheikh Rahmatullah. The Japanese boxer ruled the middle of the ring against the Southeast Asian talent who trains with an Uzbek coach, Mr. Rustam Saidov. The Malaysian newcomer had good defensive skills but he could not catch the Japanese boxer with tough shots. Harada looked more confident in his first ever international competition and advanced to the finals of the competition as first in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan’s Dilshod Abdumurodov marched to the finals

Uzbekistan’s Dilshod Abdumurodov and Tajikistan’s Khusravkhon Rakhimov both were born in 2002 and attended already several international competitions. The Uzbek featherweight (57kg) boxer moved ahead and tried to catch the Tajik who worked a lot on feet to avoid Abdumurodov’s attacks. Rakhimov is a technician boxer who jumped into the best fighting range and started the second round well with a nice combination. Abdumurodov, who attended at the Kielce 2021 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships, dictated the tempo in the second part of the contest and his fighting style was enough to win their semi-final.

Uzbekistan’s Khurshidbek Rasuljonov turned back his semi-final

Uzbekistan’s second boxer in action on Day4 was Khurshidbek Rasuljonov who achieved silver medal at the Ulaanbaatar 2019 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships. The 20-year-old Uzbek moved up to the lightweight (60kg) in the recent months and expected a hard battle against Mongolia’s Buyandalai Bayarkhuu. His opponent danced through the ring and concentrated to his counter-attacks in the first and second rounds making Rasuljonov’s job busy. All of the five scorecards showed 19:19 after six minutes of fight therefore the final verdict was depended on their performance in the last round. Rasuljonov moved faster in the final minutes and caught the taller Bayarkhuu with tough shots eliminating his main rival in this weight class.

Iraq’s Al-Sarray delivered a second sensational success in Tashkent

Kyrgyzstan’s Ryspek Bektenov achieved a valuable silver medal at the 2019 Elite National Championships following his 18th birthday. The Kyrgyz talent had more than 100 contests during his career and he had the experience to handle the tactical issues against Iraq’s tall southpaw, Ali Qasim Hamdan Al-Sarray in the first round of their semi-final. The Kyrgyz lightweight (60kg) talent started the second round with a nice shot but Al-Sarray responded with his longer hands. Al-Sarray exceeded all of the previous expectations with his tactical repertoires and eliminated a more experienced rival in Tashkent.

Kyrgyzstan’s Sultan Asankul Uulu is the first welterweight finalist

Kyrgyzstan’s Sultan Asankul Uulu began his international career at the previous light flyweight (49kg) as a youth boxer but he moved up to the welterweight (67kg) since 2018. The Kyrgyz talent put on a lot of muscles to his body following his hard training sessions and met with a Mongolian opponent, Jandos Askhar who had very similar style. Both boxers were waiting for the best attacking positions and their semi-final was a big chess game in Tashkent. The Mongolian southpaw, who has got strong Kazakh roots, found his best rhythm but Asankul Uulu had the right tactical response to win this narrow contest.

Javlonbek Yuldashev is Uzbekistan’s next finalist

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Junior Champion from 2017, Javlonbek Yuldashev is the current Elite National Champion at the welterweight (67kg) who developed his physical condition amazingly in the previous one year. Yuldashev caught with right-handed punches and body shots his Tajik rival, Rasul Akhadov in the first round and demonstrated his power. Yuldashev’s body shots were dangerous for the neighbouring rival who moved up to from the light welterweight (63.5kg). The Uzbek boxer was highly confident in their semi-final and finished all of the rounds with excellent jabs.

Tajikistan’s Abdumalik Boltayev dominated his semi-final

Tajikistan’s Abdumalik Boltayev won youth tournaments in 2018 and in 2019 and after some experiences in the elite age group, he competed in the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in Dubai. The Tajik middleweight (75kg) boxer started with energetic boxing against Iraq1s Ridha Talib Jabbar who is Elite National Champion in his homeland. Boltayev knocked down his opponent in the first round in the battle of the southpaw boxers which was almost decisive between them. Boltayev reached the Iraqi opponent several times with powerful shots and dominated all of the three rounds today. The Tajik hope will be meeting for the title with Uzbekistan’s Abdulaziz Abdupattayev who was also too strong for Mongolia’s Gantulga Batbayar in the second semi-final.

Merzhanov spent a short time in the ring during his semi-final

Uzbekistan’s Timur Merzhanov claimed gold medal at the 2015 AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships and he earned bronze at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games. The 22-year-old Uzbek boxer spent less than round in the ring during his semi-final against Kuwait’s Yousef Hussain. The Uzbek cruiserweight (86kg) boxer landed some tough combinations and the Tajik referee stopped their unequal contest. Merzhanov can expect a harder battle in the final against Tajikistan’s Shakhboz Khaitov who eliminated Kyrgyzstan’s Bakyt Toktosun Uulu.

Uzbekistan’s Farzona Fozilova won a hard semi-final

Uzbekistan’s Farzona Fozilova is the defending ASBC Asian Women’s Youth Champion at the minimumweight (48kg) but despite of her age of 18, she is the Elite National Champion. The Uzbek southpaw has got fantastic movements and the young genius showed her technical skills in the semi-final against Mongolia’s Janarguli Byeisyenbyei. Fozilova met with strong resistance, the 20-year-old Mongolian had strong footwork to follow the Uzbek teenager in the ring and landed some nice shots. Fozilova was more static than in her last competition but she was able to manage the narrow success which means she can box for the title with Tajikistan’s Sumaiya Kosimova.

Bobokulova is finalist once again in her third ASBC Championships

Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Youth Champion and ASBC Asian Junior Champion Sabina Bobokulova had an excellent start in Tashkent, she eliminated an older rival in the quarter-finals. The 18-year-old talent was quicker than Mongolia’s AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Altanbek Khulan in the first round and took the lead on the scorecards. Bobokulova felt the support of the home crowd and followed her coaches as Elshod Rasulov’s and Ulugbek Baratov’s strategies. The Uzbek talent defeated the promising Mongolian and will be meeting for the gold of the light flyweight (50kg) with Sri Lanka’s Uthpala Sewwandi. 

Japan’s star Sena Irie eliminated the Asian Champion

Following AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Nigina Uktamova’s quick success over Japan’s Hana Narita at the bantamweight (54kg), the most anticipated contest of the day was the next. Japan’s Olympic Games winner Sena Irie faced with Uzbekistan’s ASBC Asian Elite Champion Sitora Turdibekova at the featherweight (57kg). The 21-year-old Japanese started with a superb right-handed hook and she looked quicker in the exchanges. The younger Uzbek tried to follow Irie’s footwork but the Japanese landed her shots with perfect timing. Irie controlled most of the exchanges and she eliminated a top local opponent in the ASBC Asian U22 Boxing Championships.

The Mongolian girls won two important semi-finals

Mongolia’s Badmaarag Ganzorig is 19-year-old boxer but she competed already several international competitions as junior and youth. The Mongolian lightweight (60kg) boxer started better than Uzbekistan’s AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Dilfuza Bekova and she had a small advantage after three minutes. The Uzbek boxer could not deliver her best performance today and Ganzorig was able to beat her in Tashkent. The next Mongolian girl, Myagmarsuren Tsetsegdari stopped Tajikistan’s Malika Nozimova and also advanced to the final of the championships.

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