Olympic medallists shined in the women’s finals of the Chinese National Games while Ruan Mulan earned her first big title

The boxing tournament of the 14th Chinese National Games saw amazing women’s finals in the city of Shaanxi. Their Olympic medallists as Yang Wenlu, Gu Hong and Li Qian earned the gold medals in their tough weight categories. Asian Games winner Chang Yuan and a new sensation, Ruan Mulan won the smaller weight classes in Shaanxi.

The best Chinese female and male boxers competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games but many of their new young hopes are also competing at the National Games which is their most important competition in 2021. The National Games holds every four years in China and boxing is one of the highlights of the multisport event.

Boxers who were born between 1981 and 2002 are eligible to attend in the Chinese National Games in Shaanxi following the qualifiers. There were strong qualification process of the National Games and it started in Zhejiang, Hubei and continued with its second stage in Baoan a few months ago. The venue of the 14th Chinese National Games is the Sport Hall of the Yulin Vocational and Technical College.

The first winner of the Chinese National Games was Hebei’s Jakarta 2018 Asian Games winner Chang Yuan who is their best women’s flyweight (51kg) boxer since 2017. The 24-year-old Chang defeated Fujian’s Wu Yu in the final while Shanghai’s teenage star Hu Meiyi and Guizhou’s ASBC Asian Champion strong Xu Shiqi claimed only bronze medals in the National Games.

Henan’s Ruan Mulan eliminated the top favourite of the women’s featherweight (57kg), Rio 2016 Olympic Games silver medallist Yin Junhua still in the preliminary stage and marched into the final of the event. Ruan was too smart for Zhejiang’s Ge Yaqi in the final and claimed the title of the weight class while Jilin’s Cai Yan and Jiangsu’s experienced international boxer Xu Zichun were bronze medallists.  

Sichuan’s former AIBA Women’s World Champion Yang Wenlu is the most experienced boxer at the lightweight (60kg) but he had a strong contest against Hubei’s Yu Lisai in the final. The 10-years-younger Yu was a hard opponent but the gold medal was managed to win by Yang Wenlu. Guizhou’s Yang Chengyu and Jiangsu’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Wang Cong earned only bronze medals.

One of the most anticipated contests were held between Shaanxi’s Tokyo Olympic Games silver medallist Gu Hong and Inner Mongolia’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships silver medallist Yang Liu at the women’s welterweight (69kg). Both boxers have got same height and amazing technical skills and in that game the older Gu Hong became better in the final. Qinghai’s 2018 AIBA Women’s World Champion Dou Dan and Shaanxi’s Yuan Haini bagged bronze medals in the Games.

Inner Mongolia’s Tokyo Olympic Games silver medallist and AIBA Women’s World Champion Li Qian lost only one bout in the recent five years therefore she claimed the gold medal of the middleweight (75kg) easily. She defeated Heilongjiang’s strong Wang Lina in the final using her impressive technical skills. Henan’s international boxer Zheng Lu and Zhejiang’s Ye Jin took the bronze medals in this weight class.

List of the female winners in the Chinese National Games
Women’s 51kg: Chang Yuan
Women’s 57kg: Ruan Mulan
Women’s 60kg: Yang Wenlu
Women’s 69kg: Gu Hong
Women’s 75kg: Li Qian

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