China’s best male boxer Hu Jianguan dominated the flyweight in the National Games

The boxing event of the 14th Chinese National Games finished with its thirteen final contests in the city of Shaanxi. The eight male gold medals have been shared between experienced boxers in the National Games, all of their three Olympians as Hu Jianguan, Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan and Chen Daxiang won the titles.

The best Chinese female and male boxers competed at the Tokyo Olympic Games but many of their new young hopes are also competing at the National Games which was their most important competition in 2021. The National Games holds every four years in China and boxing is one of the highlights of the multisport event.

Boxers who were born between 1981 and 2002 are eligible to attend in the Chinese National Games in Shaanxi following the qualifiers. There were strong qualification process of the National Games and it started in Zhejiang, Hubei and continued with its second stage in Baoan a few months ago. The venue of the 14th Chinese National Games was the Sport Hall of the Yulin Vocational and Technical College.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games bronze medallist Hu Jianguan of Shanghai competed also in Tokyo but after that event he was ready to win his next National Games. The 28-year-old boxer defeated Fang Bo in the final while Zhang Guo and Shao Zibin earned the bronze medals in the strong flyweight (52kg). Two of the Chinese veterans advanced to the final of the featherweight (57kg) and Gao Linzhi won the title after his success over former ASBC Asian Champion Chang Yong.

Shan Jun qualified for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and he has got seven years of experiences in the national team therefore his success over Fu Mingke of Chongqing at the lightweight (63kg) was not a surprise. Sichuan’s Wang Gang eliminated veteran two-time Olympian Maimaiti Tuersunqiong still in the preliminary stage which opened his was to the final glory at the welterweight (69kg). Wang Gang was too strong for former AIBA World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Liu Wei while another international stage boxer, Sairike Tuolewutayi claimed bronze in Shaanxi.

Xinjiang’s Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan is one of the strongest punchers in the whole world at the middleweight (75kg) who was near to a top result at the Tokyo Olympic Games as well. The 25-year-old boxer was too strong for Beijing’s Wuleipaer Haerheng in the final of the National Games. Jiangsu’s next Olympian boxer, Chen Daxiang used his height advantage well against Henan’s Zheng Haojie whose ringside abandoned the unequal light heavyweight (81kg) contest in the third round.  

Shandong’s Yu Fengkai eliminated Han Xuezhen in a narrow semi-final in the National Games which was his key contest in Shaanxi. The 26-year-old Yu controlled all of the three rounds against Zhejiang’s Chen Yirong and regained his throne at the heavyweight (91kg). Shaanxi’s local favourite, former WSB boxer Maimaiti Aihemati has done enough to beat Shandong’s Wang Shixin in the final of the super heavyweight (+91kg).

List of the male winners in the Chinese National Games
Men’s 52kg: Hu Jianguan
Men’s 57kg: Gao Linzhi
Men’s 63kg: Shan Jun
Men’s 69kg: Wang Gang
Men’s 75kg: Tuohetaerbieke Tanglatihan
Men’s 81kg: Chen Daxiang
Men’s 91kg: Yu Fengkai
Men’s +91kg: Maimaiti Aihemati

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