New boxing gym opens in Lebanon

LIB New Boxing Gym 04

A new boxing gym will be opening in Lebanon where boxing is in developing stage and the country is trying to reach better results in the Asian competitions in the upcoming years. The new name of the new boxing gym is Box Yard which is located in Keserwan, Zouk Mousbeh in Lebanon.
Mr. Charbel Khoury is the engine of the project and he is among Lebanon’s top coaches who worked hard in the recent months to launch the new well-equipped gym. His relative Mr. Antoine Khoury is also a coach in the team who supports the preparation of the new generation in Box Yard.
The new boxing gym will be home of their talents in the future and the club is open for all age groups and both genders. Kids, schoolboys, juniors, youth and elite boxers also can train in the new boxing gym in Lebanon. The current number of the members of the club is more than 50 but Mr. Charbel Khoury trained altogether 3,000 athletes in the recent one decade.
Most of his pupils have been training for the fitness benefits of the sport but some of them are strong competitors who have been competing also in the international level. Mr. Charbel Khoury’s key boxers began their career before the junior age group and his talents were successful in the recent editions of the Lebanese National Boxing Championships.
Lebanon’s No.1 Nadim Salloum began boxing 10 years ago in 2007 and he was in the Top8 in the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships in Bangkok two years ago. The middleweight (75kg) boxer has been preparing to the upcoming events including the Arab Boxing Championships and the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games.
Ricardo Aoun has got Paraguayan roots but has been competing for Lebanon in the international level. The 18-year-old hopeful prepared hard for the ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships which was held in Bangkok but due visa problems he was unable to attend in the continental event in Thailand.
The youngest Khoury in Lebanon’s boxing life, Ryan is only 13 now but he has got great skills in the sport and will be a tough hope for the country in the future. Ryan Khoury, who was born in Australia in 2004, could be ready for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games and for the 2024 Olympic Games.