Nations Junior Cup winner Sabina Bobokulova earned gold in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships

Following the Uzbekistan Schoolboys National Boxing Championships and their Junior National Olympiad another event was held for the female juniors in the Central Asian boxing power. The best Uzbek female junior boxer Sabina Bobokulova won gold medal in a Serbian international event this year and dominated all of her fights also in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships.
The event was held in the city of Dzhizak which is one of the pioneer regions in Uzbekistan’s female boxing life. Host Dzhizak claimed three out of the 15 available gold medals in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships and won the medal standings. The teams from Bukhara, Ferghana, Samarkand and Tashkent regions each claimed two gold medals in the female national event.
Boxers who were born in 2003 or in 2004 were eligible to attend in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships. The event was one of the selection competitions before the start of the first ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships which will be held in the United Arab Emirates this October.
The first title of the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships was achieved by Bukhara’s Farzona Ravshanova who spent less than one round in the ring when she met with Tashkent region’s Aigerim Abalova. The second title of the event at the 44kg weight class was claimed by Ferghana’s Khumora Mamajonova who also dominated her fight in the final of the competition.
Mokhlaroyim Savriddinova earned bronze medal in the last edition of the event more than one year ago and the Navoy-based boxer remained at the pinweight (46kg). The 16-year-old talent had to meet in the final with a top opponent Bukhara’s Mukhlisa Tolibjonova but Savriddinova’s skills were enough to win the bout by unanimous decision.
Sabina Bobokulova is the most experienced Uzbek female junior boxer who won the gold medal in the Nations Women’s Cup in Serbia started the year in January. During that strong international event she defeated Russian boxer as well and those experiences paid off also in the final of the Junior National Championships in Dzhizak. Bukhara’s No.1 landed high number of clear punches in the final against her city mate Zilola Kodirova.
Samarkand’s Nigina Uktamova won silver medal in the 2018 edition of the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships at the light flyweight (48kg). She attended at the flyweight (50kg) in the city of Dzhizak where she was too strong for her opponents and stopped a local talent Mukhlisa Khushvaktova in the final.
Tashkent region achieved two titles in the event at the light bantamweight (52kg) and at the bantamweight (54kg) following Feruza Kazakova and Rukhshona Uktamova defeated their rivals by scores. Kashkadarya’s lone title in the event was taken by Sevara Ashurova at the featherweight (57kg) following her close success over Tashkent region’s Durdona Ungarova.
Karakalpakstan claimed gold medals in the recent Uzbek national events and their new female talent Mokhira Akhmedova worked well to beat Namangan’s Aziza Dyirbekova to catch the title of the lightweight (60kg). Ferghana’s Mokhlaroy Kurbonova and Dzhizak’s Aziza Zakirova won the next titles winning their contests by RSC.
Dzhizak’s best female future hope Anora Melieva arrived from a strong boxing family, her sisters are also boxers. The 16-year-old talent achieved gold medal in the 2018 edition of the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships and she was able to repeat her title in the front of the home crowd. Surkhandarya’s Shakhrizoda Kholiyerova was a competitive rival for Melieva but the local hero was able to win their final.

List of the winners in the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Championships
42kg: Farzona Ravshanova
44kg: Khumora Mamajonova
46kg: Mokhlaroyim Savriddinova
48kg: Sabina Bobokulova
50kg: Nigina Uktamova
52kg: Feruza Kazakova
54kg: Rukhshona Uktamova
57kg: Sevara Ashurova
60kg: Mokhira Akhmedova
63kg: Mokhlaroy Kurbonova
66kg: Aziza Zakirova
70kg: Anora Melieva
75kg: Shakhnoza Ergasheva
80kg: Madina Normatova
+80kg: Nargiza Kurbonalieva

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