Muhamad Fuad and Khir Akyazlan are still on the top of the Malaysian Cup after 10 years of experiences

The Malaysian National Cup for the elite male boxers was held in Negeri Sembilan which state is located on the southwest coast of the Peninsula. Malaysia’s most experienced boxers Muhamad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan and Khir Akyazlan Bin Azmi both have 10 years of experiences in the sport and dominated their weight classes.
The Malaysian National Cup was a selection event for the Southeast Asian Games in Negeri Sembilan where nine champions have been crowned. Altogether 68 elite male boxers attended in the competition from the light flyweight (49kg) up to the heavyweight (91kg).
The Malaysian national team travelled to Kazakhstan for training camp to prepare well to the boxing tournament of the Southeast Asian Games which is scheduled to be held in the first part of December. Malaysia hosted the last edition of the Southeast Asian Games in Kuala Lumpur two years ago where their team claimed medals including one gold.
Muhamad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan is Malaysia’s most experienced elite boxer who is titleholder in the Southeast Asian Games and dominated all of his national events in the recent 10 years. The 28-year-old boxer competed in all levels of boxing excluding the Olympic Games therefore he was too smart for Kedah’s Mohamad Shihrin Bin Shaari in the first final of the Malaysian National Cup.
Jemis Wong Lee Onn won national events in the recent years and he started his campaign in the Malaysian National Cup with a KO success. The 23-year-old flyweight (52kg) increased his confidence following that opening and became too strong also for Muhamad Azlizam Bin Abu Talip and Kenny Dalglish Ak Pangkas in the final of the event.
Mohamad Zulkhailane Bin Mohamed is a promising hope in Malaysia’s boxing life who worked well in the whole National Cup and defeated his main rivals as Terengganu’s Amirul Hakim Bin Sakila, Jaya Raman Selvakumar and Khairul Azeem Bin Naseer at the bantamweight (56kg).
Daeloniel McDelon Bong attended several national events in the recent three years and won some of them but his success over the main favourite Eddy Bin Kalai was a small surprise at the lightweight (60kg). The next gold medal of the National Cup was achieved by Andrew Bin Laba who had a tight success over Jhonatan Siagian in the final of the light welterweight (64kg) winning that bout by 3:2.
Seven boxers attended at the welterweight (69kg) in Negeri Sembilan where Penang’s Mohamad Asuad Bin Mohamed Halim won the title of the category following his success over Terengganu’s Halim Izani Bin Sulaiman. Also seven athletes competed for the title of the middleweight (75kg) which was won by Mohamed Aswan Bin Che Azmi after beating Mohamed Azmi Bin Ramli in the final.
Khir Akyazlan Bin Azmi is member of the national team since 2009 as Muhamad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan. Since then he moved up from the light welterweight (64kg) up to the light heavyweight (81kg) but he is still too strong for all of his national opponents. Indonesia’s 22-year-old Sandyarto Deno Feroja attended in the Bangkok 2014 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships and won the last title of the Cup stopping Mohamed Hanafi Bin Mohamed Fairuz.

List of the winners in the Malaysia Cup
49kg: Muhamad Fuad Bin Mohamed Redzuan, Malaysia
52kg: Jemis Wong Lee Onn, Malaysia
56kg: Mohamad Zulkhailane Bin Mohamed, Malaysia
60kg: Daeloniel McDelon Bong, Malaysia
64kg: Andrew Bin Laba, Malaysia
69kg: Mohamad Asuad Bin Mohamed Halim, Malaysia
75kg: Mohamed Aswan Bin Che Azmi, Malaysia
81kg: Khir Akyazlan Bin Azmi, Malaysia
91kg: Sandyarto Deno Feroja, Indonesia

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