Meredov, Berdybayev, Pazzyyev and Nuryagdyyev won the titles in the Turkmenistan National Cup

The Turkmenistan National Cup was held in the city of Ashgabat where 11 new champions have been crowned in the event. Among Turkmenistan’s top boxers Yakub Meredov, Muhammed Berdybayev, Nursahat Pazzyyev and Nuryagdy Nuryagdyyev won their weight classes while the women boxers returned to the event.
Turkmenistan achieved one bronze medal in the Bangkok ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and their boxers competed also in Kuwait City and in Ulaanbaatar among the continental events. The Central Asian country’s elite boxers attended in many other international tournaments and their National Cup was one of the selections for the Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualification Event.
The women boxers could attend in three weight classes of the Turkmenistan National Cup which was their return to the national level events. A. Melikova (51kg), Y. Velmyradova (60kg) and G. Jorakuliyeva (64kg) won the titles of the female part of the Turkmenistan National Cup.
Sayitjan Babajanov had a tough semi-final opponent but he was able to manage his victory over B. Annageldiyev. The 23-year-old boxer, who moved up to the flyweight (52kg) only in the recent months, was slightly better also than Turkmenistan’s teenage hope Yhlas Gylychjanov and crowned in the National Cup.
Yakub Meredov has been attending in the international events since 2009 and dominated almost all of his national fights in these recent 10 years. The 26-year-old Balkan-based bantamweight (57kg) boxer dominated all of his contests in the National Cup including his final over Bayramkhan Permanov.
Begmyrat Halmuradov competed in the Indian Open International Boxing Tournament this May and his experiences paid off in the final of the lightweight (63kg) when he met with Shokhrat Jumayev of Ashgabat. Muhammed Berdybayev claimed silver medal in the 2013 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and bronze in the 2016 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships therefore the 21-year-old had enough experiences to win the final over National Champion Sunnet Annaseidov.
Nursahat Pazzyyev was bronze medallist in the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games and he qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games as well. Following a few years of break, he returned to the world of boxing in 2017 and achieved bronze medal at the Bangkok ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships this April. The 27-year-old middleweight (75kg) boxer defeated his main national opponent Serdar Amangeldiyev in the final of the National Cup.
Asghabat’s Nuryagdy Nuryagdyyev achieved silver at the Pavlodar 2016 ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships and bronze at the Tashkent 2017 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships. The 21-year-old light heavyweight (81kg) boxer had a veteran rival in the final Timur Tajimov of Dashoguz but he managed to win that important fight in the National Cup achieving a spot for the Qualifiers.
Rasul Yuldashev is a veteran athlete in Turkmenistan who claimed many silver medals in the national events in the recent years. The 31-year-old boxer decided to move up to the heavyweight (91kg) and it was an excellent decision from his coaching staff. Yuldashev used his aggressive tactic against ASBC Asian Boxing Championships competitor Shatlyk Saryyev in the semi-finals and he was too strong also for Kerim Jumagulyyev.
Baky Toychyyev was the main favourite for the gold medal at the super heavyweight (+91kg) but he suffered a loss in the semi-finals to Ashgabat’s Tejen Hommadov. The veteran boxer continued his winning path also in the finals and defeated M. Saryyev of Dashoguz for the title of the National Cup.

List of the winners in the Turkmenistan National Cup

Women’s 51kg: A. Melikova
Women’s 60kg: Y. Velmyradova
Women’s 64kg: G. Jorakuliyeva
Men’s 52kg: Sayitjan Babajanov
Men’s 57kg: Yakub Meredov
Men’s 63kg: Begmyrat Halmuradov
Men’s 69kg: Muhammed Berdybayev
Men’s 75kg: Nursahat Pazzyyev
Men’s 81kg: Nuryagdy Nuryagdyyev
Men’s 91kg: Rasul Yuldashev

Men’s +91kg: Tejen Hommadov

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