Mrs. Karina Picson – I congratulate to all officials, coaches, boxers to their hard work in Amman

Philippines’ experienced boxing official Mrs. Karina Picson was the Technical Delegate of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Amman, Jordan. The event was the highlight of the month with the participation of 355 young boxers and following the competition, Mrs. Karina Picson shared with us her thoughts and opinions. 

Mrs. Karina Picson worked as official in the Tokyo Olympic Games and she was Technical Delegate in several previous competitions such as the historical Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. She supported the success of the 2013 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships and after nine years of break, she returned to the same venue to Amman.

“I was honoured by the appointment by ASBC to be Technical Delegate at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. The task is always a challenge because it involves taking charge of the running of the tournament, in coordination with the Asian Boxing Confederation and the Local Organising Committee. However, it was fortunate to have a good relationship and the cooperation of both agencies so that made the job easier.

While I have been lucky to have been appointed to many tournaments, from small ones and all the way to the Olympic Games. Working at the tournament involving young boys and girls is always a pleasant experience. Seeing these young and dedicated boxers is always inspiring and it is good to see that the talent level is so high. I think the future of the Asian boxing is secure as I saw so many talents, there were just so many in Amman.

I congratulate to all medallists but also everyone else who participated because they all gave their best in Amman. I look forward to seeing them to develop their skills and model achievers of the sport. I am especially optimistic that more Asian talents from across the region, can be given more opportunities with even more tournaments in the continent.

I again wish to commend the Asian Boxing Confederation and the Jordanian Organizing Committee for doing a good job with this tournament. I especially would like to thank the immediate past ASBC President, Mr. Anas Alotaiba for his leadership, Jordan Boxing Association’s Mr. Mazen Al-Qadi for his active participation and ASBC Executive Director Mr. Ali Salameh for his attention to detail.

I cannot forget the hard work put in by my fellow ITOs, Referees & Judges, officials and volunteers and of course, the boxers and coaches who were stars of the competition. I wish all of them well in future events. It was hectic but fulfilling experience in Amman and I sincerely hope that more countries will host such tournaments.

I also congratulate the newly-elected ASBC President Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira, and his Board of Directors and look forward to more active boxing in Asia under the new leadership. It is auspicious that the next competition in Asia is the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament which will be hosted by Mr. Pichai’s Federation in Phuket. I wish them best of luck in that tournament,” said the Technical Delegate Mrs. Karina Picson after the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships.

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