Mr. Walid Jarrar – The level of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships was fantastic in Kuwait City

Mr. Walid Jarrar had an important role in the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships, he worked as an international official in Kuwait City. Jordan’s leading boxing official shared us his experiences, opinions regarding the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. Mr. Walid Jarrar underlined Jordan’s participation was a success and their teams will be attending in all of the upcoming big events.
“I would like to thanks for the hard work of ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba, ASBC Executive Director Mr. Ali Salameh, and all ASBC staff members for their hard work to make this championship happen in high quality.
Also very big thanks for the President of Kuwait Boxing Federation Mr. Mohammed Mansi Al-Enezi and the full team of the local organizers to their hard work in the event, warm welcomes and supportive attitude. I would like to also thank you to Mrs. Margit Kincses and Mr. Tibor Kincses for their dedication for the sport of boxing.
The level of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships was fantastic, it was a historical event with the participation of 150 boxers from 21 different nations. These schoolboys could be the heroes of the future and I hope the East Asian boxers will be also attending in the next edition.
The performance of Jordan’s national team was satisfactory due to the short time of common preparation to this event. The main goal for us was to check the level of our boxers among the Asian countries. I wish more events, international training camps for our Jordanian boxers to raise their levels to the next edition.
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and India were the best nations here in the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships, I was impressed about their high level. Personally I think the best boxer of this tournament was Kazakhstan’s Batyrkhan Seitenov who claimed gold medal at the 67kg weight class and I liked his style very much indeed.
Our next National Championships will be held for our youth and elite boxers next month in order to prepare to the upcoming international events. We are focusing as next to the upcoming ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships to get medals also in the UAE event,“
said Jordan’s official Mr. Walid Jarrar after the last competition day of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships.

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