Mr. Viorel Sima – We had an unbelievable championship in Kuwait City with boxers of strong future hopes

Mr. Viorel Sima is the General Secretary of the Bahrain Boxing Federation since June following he moved from Romania to our continent. Mr. Sima worked as Technical Delegate, Supervisor and International Technical Official in several bug European events in the recent years, furthermore he hosted five EUBC European Championships in Romania.
Mr. Sima worked as ITO in an Asian Championships at the very first time, Kuwait City was his official debut in our continent. As an expert also in the sport journalism, he has different point of view as many other officials in the globe.
“The level of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships was unbelievable in Kuwait City where I saw many of strong future hopes. I believe that some of them could beat elite boxers now in spite of that they are only 13 or 14.
The level of the organization here was also very high. We had European Schoolgirls & Schoolboys Boxing Championships in the same time in Georgia and I saw some of the bouts through the Live Streaming from Tbilisi and I think the level of the Asian boxers were better than the Europeans this time.
The ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships showed respect for public as our sport could be very interesting for the spectators. Both ASBC and LOC from Kuwait make this event look like an elite competition with fireworks, lights, music any many other important visual effects.
All things from the enter of the boxers in the ring till the end of the bout must be a show for the crowd. I saw that boxers coming to the ring like the greatest athletes from the United States, England and Canada. At the very end of the bouts some young schoolboys celebrated their victory following Cristiano Ronaldo’s style who is popular also in Uzbekistan.
I believe that in the new AIBA management need to show more respect about every AOB competitions. We have a lot of specialists most of the from the USA and Canada but we need also a very good competition manager. We need also a very strong PR Team and live results from all over the World.
I have the luck here in the event because I could see all things in two different eyes. One of them is the journalist one which is always critic but I saw an almost perfect competition here in Kuwait City. I would like to see more young people coming to our competitions in the future and we spoke about promotions. The second one is my official eye and in my opinion the venue was perfect, the R&J decisions were excellent and the transportation was well-organized to the venue.
We are at the very beginning in Bahrain but we have a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge, furthermore a President Mr. Ali Kazerooni who loves boxing. Our former GB coach Mr. Tony Davies is one of the best ones in the World and our main supporter is Mr. Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al-Khalifa.
We arrived to Kuwait City with only one boxer who demonstrated his big heart and fighting spirit in this event which was his first international competition. He did not have a lot of experiences previously, as he had only one official bout before the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. Our boxer made me proud and we have done a good decision to take him to this event. Following that we decided to attend in the upcoming ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships in the UAE with bigger delegation.
We organized our first boxing event in Bahrain on June 27 and we had a lot of success. The public and the media interested about this event and following this opening step we would like to organize our first international competition on September 20. I will be a dual match between Bahrain and a foreign country with the participation of 5 elite and 4 juniors boxers.
To see further, we are planning to host Bahrain’s International Boxing Tournament in 2020 hopefully next March parallel with the Formula-1 racing. The spectacular Formula-1 could help us to promote boxing in Bahrain and we would be able to do demonstration matches during the race.
I saw many strong boxers here in Kuwait City, I liked almost all of the Uzbeks, the Indians, and two boxers from Tajikistan and the Philippines. I suggested a few things to ASBC Executive Director Mr. Ali Salameh and I hope we will be able to host this Championship next year in Bahrain involving also the girls. In ASBC I found a lot of young persons with open mind who want a show not only a boxing tournament. ASBC took care about public, this is the main difference in comparison to Europe,“
analysed the event and the situation of boxing Mr. Viorel Sima after the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships.

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