Mr. Kishen Narsi – The level of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships was world standard

The Chairman of the ASBC Competition Commission Mr. Kishen Narsi of India is one of the most experienced officials in the globe who has been serving the world’s boxing life since more than five decades.  

Mr. Kishen Narsi worked as Technical Delegate in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. His enthusiasm and passion for boxing are still the same as in the ‘70s and he put the boxers into the centre of his philosophy. Mr. Narsi summarized his opinions about the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships in terms of organization, quality, the work of the officials and all other aspects of the event.

 “The ASBC Asian Women’s and Men’s Youth Boxing Championships had many aspects that contributed to its overall success however the main ones revolved around the excellent accommodation provided for us by the LOC. The plentiful nourishing food, the adequate transport and lastly an ever helpful and smiling team of liaison officials guaranteed the nice working environment in Ulaanbaatar.

The weather was extremely cold by the time of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships but all of the participants handled it well. We had some travel delays due the busy traffic and unfortunately very limited audience but we worked in a friendly environment.

The venue of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships was excellent and all sectors were very well-planned. I can mention also the adequate housekeeping at times to cold and the signage was excellent in the competition. Some of the equipments caused only minor delays and the medal ceremonies were also well organized in Ulaanbaatar.

We had a very mixed group of ITOs and the Referees & Judges in the Mongolian capital where some of the officials were highly experienced while some others less exposed to a major event. The team of the officials improved as the tournament progressed turned to its medal phase. 

The level of the male boxing was world standard in many bouts and it was very excited to see the improving quality of the smaller Asian nations. The women’s part of the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships was very competitive and delivered high standards in the Olympic weight classes. However, the heavier weights had limited participation and lacked the quality of boxing.

Some of the countries arrived with a more balanced team and high number of international experiences while many others were in the building phase to find talents in their country and give them chance in the continental level. May I take this opportunity to thanks for ASBC to host this event and thanks for Mrs. Margit Kincses and Mr. Tibor Kincses for the fantastic coverage promoting the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships,” shared his thoughts and experienced India’s Technical Delegate Mr. Kishen Narsi.

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