Mr. Keith Walker – “The Thai LOC knew how to organize a big event therefore I am satisfied with the Bangkok event”

Mr. Keith Walker is the Technical Delegate of the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament who has got plenty of experiences from the major competitions of the recent decades including Olympic Games, AIBA and ASBC events. Mr. Keith Walker is President of Boxing New Zealand and he is the Honorary Vice-President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA).
Mr. Keith Walker arrived to the venue of the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament on June 27 and led the Technical Meeting, the Official Draw and supervised the competition days. ASBC asked Mr. Keith Walker in the venue of the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament and not only about the competition but the AIBA 3-star Referee & Judge and Oceania’s boxing life.
“The organizers of the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament are doing great job as usual therefore I am satisfied with the event. The Thai LOC is known how to organize a big event and they are well experienced to make this happen in world class level. The hospitality of the country’s people makes us satisfied in Bangkok.
The venue of the Thailand Open is nice and the atmosphere of the competition is superb as in my recent events in Bangkok. This is my fifth times here in Thailand in a boxing competition after the King’s Cup, ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships and FISU University World Boxing Championships. My ITOs as Lenny D’Gama of India and Aslan Igubayev of Kazakhstan are well experienced, they can solve all of our issues in Bangkok.
The Referees & Judges did their very best in the examination and also in the competition but some of them are not ready yet to this level. Some of the Referees & Judges could be world class but most of them need even more experiences before joining to the big international events.
Evaluating of the Referees & Judges is very important which was done by the Instructors of the Course Mr. Terry Smith and Mr. Wayne Rose. Impression of the Referees & Judges, their decisions, abilities, knowing and following the rules, their movements and fitness in the ring are the key factors of the evaluation. We have to use feedbacks for the participants during and after the Courses in the future more often.
We have got powerful, experienced boxers here in Bangkok who could raise the level of the international event. Some of the participating nations are in developing stage but great to see them in the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament. The Mongolians are stronger than in the recent years and Japan has got great tactical development.
New Zealand won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games and we hope we will be able to keep David Nyika at least until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa and Papua New-Guinea have got the abilities to make it better in the future but they need new coaching system. For these developing Oceanian countries boxing is the only sport where they have got chance to achieve something in the Olympic Games,”
said New Zealand’s Technical Delegate Mr. Keith Walker in Bangkok.

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