Mr. Dian Gomes – We have strong future programs in Sri Lanka and our boxers will be competing in many international events in 2020

The President of the Boxing Association of Sri Lanka Mr. Dian Gomes is also Executive Committee member in the Asian Boxing Confederation who had a successful career as a boxer. Sri Lanka’s national boxing icon and official has been supporting their boxing life with enthusiasm, knowledge and excellent attitude since the ‘70s. Mr. Dian Gomes is also an AIBA Certified Coach who supported the recent generations of Sri Lankan boxers at ringside.

Mr. Dian Gomes has got strong future plans and strategy to develop Sri Lanka’s boxing life and he introduced his efforts to the ASBC management in Colombo. Their boxers have been focusing to the Olympic Qualification Events this year but the main goal of the new squad is to be succeeded in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

“We finished the year of 2019 in the South Asian Games and after a long break we could get a gold medal in the boxing tournament in Nepal. Wanni Arachchige Rumesh Sandakelum defeated all of his rivals at the light heavyweight (81kg) in spite of his lack of international experiences, and received the right to box in the upcoming Qualifiers. 

Our first big event in 2020 will be the Sri Lankan National Elite Boxing Championships which is scheduled to take place in the end of January. We have invited a few neutral Referees & Judges to arrange fair play for all of our female and male boxers in the National Championships.

We can send three boxers to the upcoming Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualification Event to Wuhan, one girl and two boys to Wuhan on February. Hungary will have three international competitions in the forthcoming two months and we are planning to attend with a few talents at the Akos Toth Memorial Tournament.

I am planning to send also boxers to the Montana Belts Tournament where we had already experiences from the past and we will be returned to this French competition. Besides to the Montana Belts Tournament, the Thailand Open International Boxing Tournament is also in our schedule on April.

We are planning to send more boxers to the World Olympic Qualification Event to Paris, France which will be held in the middle of May after these preparation events and selection process. We know that to be qualified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is seriously hard for all of the National Federations but we will try to do our best in Paris. We are planning to take part also in each of the 2020 ASBC Asian Boxing Championships.

We have strong targets for 2022 when the next edition of the Commonwealth Games will be taking place in Birmingham, England. We launched our U22 national program to keep our young talents in the sport and we are expecting good results in the upcoming years,” said Sri Lanka’s leading boxing official Mr. Dian Gomes in Colombo.

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