Ilahi, Lumbantobing and Feroja among the winners at the Indonesia’s Porwil Sumatra Tournament

Indonesia’s national event the 10th edition of the Porwil Sumatera Pra Pon Wilayah Barat Tournament was a five-day long competition in the Southeast Asian country. Among Indonesia’s top boxers Gity Srinita Tatontos, Ingatan Ilahi, ASBC Asian Boxing Championships competitor Saroha Tua Lumbantobing and Sandyarto Deno Feroja won titles in the event.

Seventeen boxers won the titles in this Porwil Sumatera Tournament including seven women talents. Altogether 41 female and 79 male boxers attended in the tenth edition of this national event where seven teams claimed at least one title.

The Indonesian boxers has been preparing to the upcoming big events including the Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualification Event which is scheduled to take place in Wuhan, China on February 2020. The Indonesians claimed several medals in the international events during 2019 when their top mission was the Southeast Asian Games.

The first female gold medal was achieved by Gity Srinita Tatontos who arrived from a boxing family and proved her upgraded skills in the Porwil Sumatera Tournament. She won all of her three contests by large margin of differences and Karmelia Saluiluni was also not able to stop her in the final of the pinweight (45kg).

Nabila Maharani had harder job in the next female final at the light flyweight (48kg) but she managed to win her title bout against Sindy Marsela which was the closest contest among the women boxers. Cindi Chinora survived her tough semi-final bout against Intan Rahmadewi but she increased her level in the final of the flyweight (51kg) which she controlled over Ema Nurpadiah Bangun.

Rola Laili Atika was too smart for Nindy Resti Anggraini at the final of the women’s bantamweight (54kg) which she won unanimously. Merviana Efrida Nengsih (57kg), Ananda Febry Aryani (60kg) and Falya Natarisa (64kg) won the remaining female gold medals at the 10th Porwil Sumatera Tournament.

The first male title was earned by Pran Rosepel Hutajalu after beating Fransiskus Freddy Simamora at the pinweight (46kg) where 10 boxers attended for the prizes. The winner of the traditionally strong light flyweight (49kg) was Yusak Imanuel Bien who used his technical superiority to beat Roby Rianto Pasaribu in the final.

National Champion Ingatan Ilahi was one of the best names in the male part of the 10th Porwil Sumatera Tournament and the experienced boxer became stronger than Ade Ilham Tapajati in the final of the flyweight (52kg) which was one of the highlights of the event. Abu Sofyan had to do his very best to beat Roberto Ermando in the final of the bantamweight (56kg) before Michael Awuy worked well against Ardian Katarino at the lightweight (60kg).

Topaz Rianda Siregar delivered a small surprise at the light welterweight (64kg) which he won against the favourite Jhonatan Siagian. Southeast Asian Games silver medallist Saroha Tua Lumbantobing stopped all of his opponents at the welterweight (69kg) and spent only short times in the ring during the event. National Games winner Sandyarto Deno Feroja moved up to the heavyweight (91kg) and following his gold at the Malaysian Cup, he won also the 10th Porwil Sumatera Tournament.

List of the winners in the 10th Indonesian Porwil Sumatera Tournament
Women’s 45kg: Gity Srinita Tatontos
Women’s 48kg: Nabila Maharani
Women’s 51kg: Cindi Chinora
Women’s 54kg: Rola Laili Atika
Women’s 57kg: Merviana Efrida Nengsih
Women’s 60kg: Ananda Febry Aryani
Women’s 64kg: Falya Natarisa
Men’s 46kg: Pran Rosepel Hutajalu
Men’s 49kg: Yusak Imanuel Bien
Men’s 52kg: Ingatan Ilahi
Men’s 56kg: Abu Sofyan
Men’s 60kg: Michael Awuy
Men’s 64kg: Topaz Rianda Siregar
Men’s 69kg: Saroha Tua Lumbantobing
Men’s 75kg: Rusdianto Suku
Men’s 81kg: Muhammad Daniel Pasaribu
Men’s 91kg: Sandyarto Deno Feroja

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