Mr. Anas Alotaiba – We have high interest in the first ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation and AIBA Vice-President Mr. Anas Alotaiba led the Technical Meeting, arranged a speech at the Opening Ceremony and followed the first two competition days in the venue at the ASBC Asian Confederation Schoolboys Boxing Championships in Kuwait City. We asked the leading Asian boxing official about the first Asian competition in this age group in the sport hall.
“We have the first historical edition of the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships which is a great step forward in our road. Following our strategies have been fixed, we strongly supported to launch this continental event for our 13 and 14-year-old hopes.
Kuwait was suspended in the recent years but the country was planning to return to the boxing map and we decided to give them a perfect chance for the comeback hosting an ASBC Asian Championships in 2019.
Kuwait Boxing Federation has the capability to host big events and we are satisfied with their preparations and work during the championship. We are facing with smaller issues but the local organizers are trying to fix the problems in this historical event.
The post-Soviet countries arrived to the ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships with strong teams as in all age groups but many of the other nations have got potentials in this event. I expected high level of competition here in Kuwait City but the quality of the boxers are amazed me and all officials.
This age group is very important and most of them started their international boxing career here in this event. We would like to continue our new tradition in 2020 and arrange the official bidding for the 2nd ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships soon.
We have high interest in this new event, out of the registered 25, finally 21 nations arrived with 150 young male boxers to Kuwait City. I am satisfied with these figures and I believe we will be able to increase these numbers in the upcoming years,“
said ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba in the competition venue.

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