Mizuki Hiruta won the most difficult category at the Japanese Women’s National Championships in Nagasaki

The 17th edition of the Japanese Women’s National Championships was held in the city of Nagasaki where 14 winners celebrated their titles after the finals. Japan has got amazing boxers at the women’s flyweight (51kg) and among their promising stars Mizuki Hiruta won the gold medal in that key division.
Japan’s woman team claimed two bronze medals in the New Delhi 2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships after their younger talents shined in the Budapest 2018 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships. The youth boxers attended in seven different weight classes in Nagasaki while the elites also had seven categories in the event.
The first title of the whole event was captured by High School Selection Tournament silver medallist Yuka Sadamatsu who defeated Honoka Kobayashi in the final of the youth pinweight (45kg) in Nagasaki. The biggest surprise of the youth competition was delivered by Hikaru Shinokara who defeated the super favourite of the light flyweight (48kg) Misaki Nasu in the title contest.
The most popular division was the flyweight (51kg) among the youth boxers where 20 athletes fought for the title which was won by High School Selection Tournament Bronze medallist Karen Yasumura following her success over Sakina Nakata. Makoto Koga is a talented youth boxer and took her national title in Nagasaki after beating Serina Hoshino in the final of the youth bantamweight (54kg).
Mona Kimura won the fifth title of the youth event defeating unanimously Moe Hoshino at the featherweight (57kg). Rinka Tanaka dominated the youth lightweight (60kg) and stopped Minami Takahashi in the final of the event spending less than one round in the ring. The last youth title was taken by Runa Maeda who was too strong for Koyuki Sumiyoshi in the final of the light welterweight (64kg).
Following the youth competition, the elite boxers also boxed in the National Championships which was a milestone for them before the main goals in 2019. Satoko Nakata never claimed any gold medals but bronze in the previous editions of the National Championships but this time she was better than all of her rivals including Risa Nakata in the final of the light flyweight (48kg).
The flyweight (51kg) was the most difficult category in the elite competition where Japan’s AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships bronze medallists such as 20-year-old Tsukimi Namiki and Madoka Wada were not able to get through to the finals. The gold medal of the category was won by Republic of Kazakhstan President’s Cup silver medallist Mizuki Hiruta who had a world class final and triumph over National Sports Festival winner Sana Kawano in Nagasaki.
The bantamweight (54kg) gold medal was taken by 19-year-old Saya Hamamoto who stopped Rika Iwata in the final. Japan’s teenage talent 18-year-old Sena Irie claimed bronze medal at the Guwahati 2017 AIBA Women’s Youth World Boxing Championships and she impressed in 2018 but her success over Tomoko Kugimiya in the semi-final was a small surprise. Irie continued her winning path in the final of the featherweight (57kg) and did not give any chance to Orie Kitagawa.
Hinami Yanai received the right to attend in the New Delhi 2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships which was her first big international event. The 22-year-old talent was slightly better in the semi-final than Mai Kito and controlled her final at the lightweight (60kg) against Honoka Misaka.
Ayaka Taguchi is not a well-experienced boxer in Japan but she won the light welterweight (64kg) following her success over Yuri Yamazaki and defended her throne. The welterweight (69kg) is not a general category in Japan but the crowd could watch a strong fight which was won by 2017 National Championships silver medallist Makoto Kikuchi against Eri Kaneko.

List of the winners in the Japanese Women’s National Championships
Women’s Youth 45kg: Yuka Sadamatsu
Women’s Youth 48kg: Hikaru Shinokara
Women’s Youth 51kg: Karen Yasumura
Women’s Youth 54kg: Makoto Koga
Women’s Youth 57kg: Mona Kimura
Women’s Youth 60kg: Rinka Tanaka
Women’s Youth 64kg: Runa Maeda
Women’s Elite 48kg: Satoko Nakata
Women’s Elite 51kg: Mizuki Hiruta
Women’s Elite 54kg: Saya Hamamoto
Women’s Elite 57kg: Sena Irie
Women’s Elite 60kg: Hinami Yanai
Women’s Elite 64kg: Ayaka Taguchi
Women’s Elite 69kg: Makoto Kikuchi

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