Meet another member of the ASBC Board of Directors – Mr. Omar Saleh Al-Jaberi (UAE)

A veteran referee-judge, Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) sports director Omar Saleh Al-Jaberi was elected as member of the ASBC Board of Directors during the Extraordinary Congress held in Amman, Jordan last March.

Al-Jaberi launched his career in the United Arab Emirates Boxing Federation where he started as referee and judge after finishing various levels of courses.

He passed his AIBA 1-star and 2-star Referee & Judge courses and used his experience to improve the scoring systems in UAE while also serving as supervisor in all local championships in the previous decade.

In October 2016, he hurdled his International Technical Official (ITO) exam in Kazakhstan and worked as such in several competitions including ASBC tournaments in 2017. 

He was then tasked to officiate in the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games in October 2018.

With his passion and hard work getting recognized, Al-Jaberi was appointed sports director of the ASBC in December 2018 by former president Anas Alotaiba of UAE.

He oversaw all the ASBC Asian Boxing Championships since his appointment, with his main duties revolving around organizational matters, team support and competition-related issues.

He represented the United Arab Emirates in the International Boxing Association (IBA) Congress as a voting delegate last month in Istanbul, Turkey.

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