Mavlonova, Fozilov, Kodirov and Khudorganov were the bests in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament


The Zolotarev Memorial Tournament was held in Andizhan where Uzbekistan’s young teenage talents delivered several surprises against more experienced rivals. Kazakhstan’s Angelina Lukas and Uzbekistan’s Mavluda Mavlonova were the bests in the women part of the event. The men’s super heavyweight (+91kg) was surprisingly won by Uzbekistan’s 19-year-old Abdulla Khudorganov in Andizhan.
Andizhan is famous of its boxing schools in Uzbekistan and several of their talents are members of the national teams in various age groups. The women’s part of the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament was held in five female weight classes in Andizhan: 51kg, 57kg, 60kg, 69kg and 75kg.
The first gold medal of the whole Zolotarev Memorial Tournament was achieved by Kazakhstan’s Angelina Lukas who defeated Uzbekistan’s Gulbakhor Juraeva with top performance. Uzbekistan’s Dilnozakhon Odiljonova competed at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships in Astana one year ago therefore her success at the featherweight (57kg) not a surprise in Andizhan.
Uzbekistan’s Bukhara-based Nigina Soliyeva is a promising boxer at the lightweight (60kg) and after a few years of experiences in the sport she was able to beat Namangan’s Madina Zayniddinova in the final of the event. Uzbekistan’s Khayotjon Zharmatova delivered her best ever performance in the final of the welterweight (69kg) against Kazakhstan’s Liubov Khasiyeva. Uzbekistan’s Mavluda Mavlonova is only 18 and after two Youth National titles she achieved her first ever elite gold medal after beating Kazakhstan’s Saniya Alzhanova.
Abror Abdusalomov is only 19 and had a few medals in the recent Uzbek national events but he proved his development in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament in Andizhan where he defeated Sherzod Parpiyev in the final of the light flyweight (49kg). Sirodjiddin Gulomov won the Riga Open Tournament in Latvia and he is also among the big prospects in Uzbekistan and his gold in Andizhan was his next step for the future glories.
Ferghana-based Abrorjon Kodirov moved up to the bantamweight (56kg) in the recent weeks and did the same as the defending National Elite Champion Hasanboy Latibakhunov. The experienced WSB boxer eliminated the younger Latibakhunov in the semi-final in Andizhan and continued his winning series in the final against Mukhriddin Bokov.
Bukhara’s Shukurjon Rakhimov competed in the AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships in 2014 but since then the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament was his first success among the elite boxers after beating Youth Olympic Games silver medallist 20-year-old Sulaymon Latipov in the final of the lightweight (60kg).
Andizhan’s Jakhongir Kobiljonov was not the main favourite of the light welterweight (64kg) but he proved his talent against Muslimbek Karabayev in the final. The host city’s next gold medal was delivered by 21-year-old Sirodjiddin Shodiljonov at the welterweight (69kg) in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament where he was able to beat Furkat Shomuratov.
After Abrorjon Kodirov, another Uzbek Tiger, namely Odiljon Aslonov won the title in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament. The 22-year-old boxer moved up to the middleweight (75kg) and dominated all of his contests in the event including his final against Andizhan’s Otabek Turdikhudjayev.
One of the best bout of the whole Zolotarev Memorial Tournament was produced by Bakhromjon Fozilov and AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Kozimbek Mardonov at the light heavyweight (81kg). Both boxers were born in 1997 and after their successful youth careers they met fought in an elite final in Andizhan. The final verdict was split decision to Fozilov which was a small surprise in the event.
Boburbek Yuldashev is the defending National Champion at the heavyweight (91kg) in Uzbekistan who triumphed over his main rivals as ASBC Asian Youth Champion Obidjon Tokhirov and Sardorbek Yormukhammedov. The last gold medal in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament was achieved by ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships silver medallist Abdulla Khudorganov at the super heavyweight (+91kg) who defeated his elder rivals as Rahmatullo Gofurov and Asilbek Soliyev.

List of the winners in the Zolotarev Memorial Tournament

uzbekistan Women’s 51kg: Angelina Lukas, Kazakhstan
uzbekistan Women’s 57kg: Dilnozakhon Odiljonova, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Women’s 60kg: Nigina Soliyeva, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Women’s 69kg: Khayotjon Zharmatova, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Women’s 75kg: Mavluda Mavlonova, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 49kg: Abror Abdusalomov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 52kg: Sirodjiddin Gulomov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 56kg: Abrorjon Kodirov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 60kg: Shukurjon Rakhimov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 64kg: Jakhongir Kobiljonov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 69kg: Sirodjiddin Shodiljonov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 75kg: Odiljon Aslonov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 81kg: Bakhromjon Fozilov, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s 91kg: Boburbek Yuldashev, Uzbekistan
uzbekistan Men’s +91kg: Abdulla Khudorganov, Uzbekistan