Macau Boxing Association’s promotional video for their upcoming Shadowboxing Challenge is revealed

Macau Boxing Association proved its next activity following their summer camps and national courses, their Physical Fitness and Shadowboxing Challenge will be coming soon. The Shadowboxing Challenges were excellent successes in India and in Pakistan therefore Macau decided also to launch a new program.

The start date is end of August and until then the management of Macau Boxing Association works hard to spread the project within its community together with the support of the Asian Boxing Confederation. The promotional video of the challenge was arranged by the Macau Boxing Association at the St. Paul’s Arch and the face of the PR project is their best boxer Indonesian President’s Cup silver medallist Leong Kin Fong.

The planning date of the Macau Physical Fitness and Shadowboxing Challenge is on August 28-29 this year to inspire its boxing community. The program will be test for their boxers without any contacts in Macau and let the athletes to have a special platform to do healthy exercises and keep themselves fit.

Sprint running races in 100m and 400 distances and standing long jump events are the plans for the opening day of the Macau Physical Fitness and Shadowboxing Challenge on August 28. Rope skipping, push up, 20m shuttle run and shadowboxing are in the schedule of the second day of the challenge on August 29. The best three athletes will be received medals and cash prizes from the Macau Boxing Association.

One of our ITOs, Mr. Billy Vong is Macau’s well-known international official who is responsible for all of the necessary arrangements and organizations of the event. The Macau Open Boxing Tournament was postponed for a new date but the country’s boxing life is active and Mr. Vong keeps it alive in spite of the hard situation which affects the country.

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