Kyrgyzstan’s Bekzat Ergeshov won the first youth male semi-final at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

Twenty-six youth bouts were held in the tenth competition day of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Amman, Jordan where all of the semi-finals concluded. Jordan, Philippines and Tajikistan made history with their final places in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships. Kyrgyzstan’s small talent, Bekzat Ergeshov won the first contest of the day using his impressive power.

India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan succeeded in the tenth day of boxing in Amman, their boxers won contests and advanced to the men’s youth finals. Uzbekistan will have 10 youth male finalists while Kazakhstan earned seven places in the title contests.

Altogether 355 boxers from 21 nations are attending in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Amman. India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Syria, Tajikistan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Yemen sent their best talents to the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships.

The finals are scheduled to be held in March 13 and 14 after the rest in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. Impressive number of 51 female and male champions will be crowned in the competition, 26 junior boxers and 25 youth athletes. Boxers who were born in 2004 and in 2005 will be eligible to attend in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships. The younger talents from the 2006 and 2007 age groups can compete in the junior part of the championships in Jordan.

Kyrgyzstan’s Bekzat Ergeshov is the first youth finalist in Amman

Kyrgyzstan’s ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships silver medallist Bekzat Ergeshov joined to the youth age group this January but he won all of his contests in the recent weeks and in Amman too. The 16-year-old Kyrgyz talent shocked his Mongolian opponent, Otgonbatar Tuvshinzaya in the first round with tough shots and the Thai referee counted his opponent. Ergeshov knocked down the Mongolian in the middle of the first round when he landed powerful body shots. Tuvshinzaya was able to continue the contest but his ringside abandoned their semi-final in the beginning of the second round therefore Ergeshov is the first finalist at the youth minimumweight (48kg).

Nortojiyev and Abduali are the finalists at the flyweight

Uzbekistan’s Khujanazar Nortojiyev won the flyweight (51kg) in their last Youth National Championships where he defeated experienced boxers and that gold medal was the key for his participation in Amman. The Uzbek talent was confident against his Indian rival, Raman already in the first round and took the lead on the scorecards. Nortojiyev ruled the middle of the ring and almost all of the actions therefore he is the first finalist in this weight category. Kazakhstan’s Almat Abduali met with Iraq’s Hayder Anwer Jasim Makassees in the second semi-final of the category. The Iraqi boxer claimed silver medal in the last Dubai 2021 edition but the young Kazakh talent was too smart for him.

Pamisa advanced to his second Asian final

Philippines’ Eljay Pamisa achieved silver medal at the pinweight (46kg) in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and he is now his nation’s best youth boxer. The 18-year-old boxer enjoyed his return to the international stage of boxing and advanced to the semi-finals where he met with Iran’s new surprise Nima Beygi. The Iranian boxer had longer hands but Pamisa operated with quick attacks which reached Beygi a few times in the first round. The Filipino talent was quicker than his taller opponent and managed to win his next contest in Amman where he is now finalist at the bantamweight (54kg).

Asadov eliminated his main rival in the semi-finals

Uzbekistan’s Bakhtiyor Asadov defeated stars in the last edition of the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships including ASBC Asian Schoolboys Champion Dalerjon Bozorov. The strong Uzbek impressed in the quarter-finals of the featherweight (57kg) and expected to another powerful opponent in the last four, Kazakhstan’s ASBC Asian Junior Champion Bakhtiyar Anarbayev. Asadov used his strength in the first round while the younger Kazakh trusted on his technical skills. Anarbayev caught his Uzbek rival with powerful punches in the second and the referee counted Asadov but he made a fantastic comeback still in that period. The Indian referee counted the Kazakh talent too therefore the final verdict was depended on their performance in the third round. Asadov found his best rhythm in the third round and he was smarter than Anarbayev in that period which delivered for the Uzbek a place in the final.

Almaz Orozbekov is Kyrgyzstan’s new hero

Kazakhstan’s Akbar Bissarev is a new talent in their youth national team who worked from longer distance against Kyrgyzstan’s ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships silver medallist Almaz Orozbekov. The Kyrgyz lightweight (60kg) boxer had nice attacks and used his tricky style in their semi-final and his technical skills were too much for his opponent. Orozbekov enjoyed the third round well enough and eliminated the Kazakh boxer which means he can prepare to his second Asian final. Orozbekov will be turning to 17 only later this year but he became Kyrgyzstan’s third finalist in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships.

Tajikistan’s Abdurakhim Yokubov can earn his second Asian title

Tajikistan’s Abdurakhim Yokubov was gold medallist at the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships at the age of 15 and he is their top youth boxer in Amman. The Tajik lightweight (60kg) boxer landed the better punches in the first round and used his world-class level footwork to keep the control against Uzbekistan’s Sukhrob Aminov. Yokubov not only used his technical skills but his strength almost decided their contest in the second round when the referee counted the Uzbek boy. The Tajik felt that he can win their crucial semi-final contest and he had the stamina to keep his advantages and joined to the final of the weight class.

Uzbekistan’s Javokhir Ummataliyev controlled his semi-final

Uzbekistan’s Javokhir Ummataliyev was gold medallist at the Dubai 2021 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and he quickly involved to their youth national team. He moved up to the light welterweight (63.5kg) and proved strong performance during his road to the semi-finals. The Uzbek talent met with Kazakhstan’s Madiyar Taipakov who is also began his youth campaign and career this January. Ummataliyev was waiting for the Kazakh attacks and used his opponent’s faults to land his punches with perfect timing. Taipakov moved forward but he stepped into the best fighting range of the Uzbek boxer several times in the second round. Ummataliyev was highly confident in their semi-final and secured his place in the final of the championship in Amman. He will be meeting for the title of the weight category with India’s Vanshaj who stopped Syria’s newcomer Ahmad Nabaa today.

Erkinboyev amazed in the semi-finals of the welterweight

Uzbekistan’s Fazliddin Erkinboyev achieved gold medal at the Dubai 2021 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and he won their Youth National Championships which guaranteed his place in the squad in Amman. The 16-year-old welterweight (67kg) boxer had longer hands than Iraq’s Karrar Hayder Ismaeel and he dominated the first and second rounds with virtuoso style of boxing. Erkinboyev caught his Iraqi opponent with tough punches in the third therefore the Irish referee confirmed the RSC victory of the Uzbek boxer. The powerful Uzbek will be meeting with Kazakhstan’s Islam Sovetov who bowed out Jordan’s Mahdi Al-Matbouli in the second semi-final.

Ayubov vs. Yegorov for the title of the light middleweight

Uzbekistan’s Alisher Ayubov is not their most experienced boxer and he achieved only bronze medal at the 2021 Youth National Championships. Following his active training sessions, and developments, he was selected to attend in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. Ayubov had a tough road to the semi-finals of the light middleweight (71kg) but he performed his very best in the last four against Jordan’s Mohammad Al-Hussien. The referee counted the local boy one time and Ayubov’s strength decided their semi-final bout in Amman. Ayubov will have a powerful rival in the final, Kazakhstan’s Yegor Yegorov who stopped Tajikistan’s Yusuf Fozilov.

Aibaruly eliminated the host nation’s pride

Jordan’s third youth male semi-finalist was Razi Al-Hiasat who represents his nation at the light heavyweight (80kg). The local boy tried to do his very best in the last four against Kazakhstan’s Sultanbek Aibaruly but his opponent started the bout in different rhythm. The Indian referee counted the Jordanian after Aibaruly’s quick shots but Al-Hiasat was able to compete until the last gong and increased his international experiences. Aibaruly won their meeting by unanimous decision therefore he can meet with Uzbekistan’s powerful Abdulaziz Abdurakhmonov who earned silver medal at the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships.

Kazakhstan’s Temirlan Mukatayev is on the way to get his second Asian title

Kazakhstan’s Temirlan Mukatayev is the defending ASBC Asian Youth Champion at the cruiserweight (86kg) who arrived to Amman to get his second title in this new division. The 18-year-old Kazakh boxer did not underestimate his Kyrgyz rival, Sanjar Tenizbekov and landed lethal punches in the first round. Mukatayev’s RSC success was confirmed after two minutes and the promising Kazakh remained his chance alive to win his next Asian title. Mukatayev can defend his youth throne against Uzbekistan’s new sensation, Jamoliddin Kozokov who stopped Tajikistan’s Akmaljon Abduvaliyev.

Jordan succeeded at the super heavyweight

Jordan’ Saif Al-Rawashdeh was the host nation’s super heavyweight (+92kg) boxer who had youthful enthusiasm in his semi-final contest and felt the support of the local crowd. The Jordanian boxer was slightly better in the exchanges against Kyrgyzstan’s Zhoodarbek Saparbekov in the first round. Al-Rawashdeh increased the tempo in the second and demoralized the 16-year-old Kyrgyz who could not stop the Jordanian attacks. The Irish referee stopped the contest after the second standing count and Al-Rawashdeh became Jordan’s lone youth finalist in Amman. The second finalist of this weight class is India’s Aman Singh Bisht who had a hectic contest against Kazakhstan’s Timofey Potashov.

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