Kyrgyzstan selected 30 boxers to compete at the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships

Kyrgyzstan selected 30 boxers including four girls to attend in the upcoming ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships. Several of the Kyrgyz boxers have experiences from previous ASBC Championships since 2019 and they have also gold medal contenders in the upcoming competition.

The ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships will feature in Amman, Jordan between February 27 and March 15. A top ASBC boxing event returns to Jordan’s capital after nine years of break when Amman hosted the ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships.

The Kyrgyz boxers impressed in the last edition of the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships in Dubai on August 2021 where the country claimed thirteen medals. Their target is to repeat at least that performance and to get a title in the upcoming new edition in Amman, Jordan.

Nineteen boxers have been crowned at the 2022 Kyrgyzstan Youth National Championships in Bishkek after the finals of the event and among them 15 will be there in the ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships. Kyrgyzstan’s medallists from the previous editions of the ASBC Boxing Championships such as Zukhra Israilova, Bekzat Ergeshov, Almaz Orozbekov, Omar Livaza and Argen Baktybekov will attend in Amman. Altogether 140 boxers attended in the national youth competition including 14 girls and 126 boys.

The 2022 edition of the Kyrgyzstan Junior National Championships took place at the Kozhomkul Arena in Bishkek a few weeks ago. Firdavs Abdiyev, Emir Kylychbekov and Mukhammadaziz Zakirov were the boxers who defended their thrones in the Kyrgyzstan Junior National Championships. Among them Kylychbekov and Zakirov selected to attend in the upcoming ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships.

Impressive number of 197 boxers attended in the 2022 Kyrgyz Junior National Championships in Bishkek which shows their background in deep. The junior event saw record number of 22 girls in Bishkek where eight female boxers and fifteen male champions have been crowned. Their best junior girl, Nazbiyke Abayeva will be making her international debut in Amman, Jordan.

List of the Kyrgyz team in the ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships
Women’s Junior 52kg: Nazbiyke Abayeva, 2007
Men’s Junior 46kg: Zafarbek Kamilov, 2006
Men’s Junior 48kg: Temirkhan Daniyarov, 2006
Men’s Junior 50kg: Emir Kylychbekov, 2006
Men’s Junior 52kg: Nizamidin Yasynov, 2006
Men’s Junior 54kg: Ali Akhmed Pansher, 2006
Men’s Junior 57kg: Ramil Shamuza, 2007
Men’s Junior 60kg: Renat Shar, 2006
Men’s Junior 63kg: Ramzan Kadyrov, 2006
Men’s Junior 66kg: Abdumalik Ismarov, 2007
Men’s Junior 70kg: Sapat Toktonazarov, 2006
Men’s Junior 75kg: Mukhammadaziz Zakirov, 2006
Men’s Junior 80kg: Azim Choybekov, 2006
Men’s Junior +80kg: Ermek Raiymkulov, 2007
Women’s Youth 52kg: Farida Abduyeva, 2004
Women’s Youth 54kg: Zukhra Israilova, 2005
Women’s Youth 60kg: Baktygul Kurmanbekova, 2004
Men’s Youth 48kg: Bekzat Ergeshov, 2005
Men’s Youth 51kg: Kutman Kazakbayev, 2004
Men’s Youth 54kg: Askatbek Chomonov, 2005
Men’s Youth 57kg: Akzhol Asylbek Uulu, 2004
Men’s Youth 60kg: Almaz Orozbekov, 2005
Men’s Youth 63.5kg: Omar Livaza, 2004
Men’s Youth 67kg: Zakir Lyalyaza, 2005
Men’s Youth 71kg: Eldar Turdubayev, 2004
Men’s Youth 75kg: Daniel Abdurakhmanov, 2004
Men’s Youth 80kg: Mukhammed Dursunov, 2005
Men’s Youth 86kg: Sanzhar Tenizbekov, 2004
Men’s Youth 92kg: Argen Baktybekov, 2004
Men’s Youth +92kg: Zhoodarbek Saparbekov, 2005

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