Kyrgyzstan National Boxing Championships

Favourites win in the Kyrgyzstan National Boxing Championships
The new edition of the Kyrgyzstan National Boxing Championships was held in the capital city in Bishkek where all of the favourites have been crowned in the high level competition. Four of the men titleholders were able to defend their thrones in the national event where almost all of their top boxers took part.
Turat Osmonov won his last national title in 2012 in spite of the fact he is one of the best boxer in Kyrgyzstan. The Incheon 2014 Asian Games bronze medallist defeated a top athlete Mirlan Turkbay Uulu and had to meet for the gold with Syrgak Dzhanseitov who eliminated defending National Champion Rakhmankul Avatov in the semi-final. The 22-year-old Osmonov regained his throne after beating his final opponent by unanimous decision.
In the absence of ASBC Asian Champion Azat Usenaliev the defending champion Zhanybek Musayev tried to do his best. The 21-year-old Flyweight class (52 kg) boxer claimed his third national title after 2013 and 2014. His final opponent was Noruzbek Nasirdinov who could not stop Musayev’s attacks and suffered a loss to his talented rival.
ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist Omurbek Malabekov defeated in the semi-final Kanatbek Abduvakhab Uulu who moved up to the Bantamweight class (56 kg). The 24-year-old WSB boxer had a height advantage against four years younger Sirodjiddin Abdullayev who was silver medallist in 2014. Malabekov not only won their battle but he received the Best Boxer Trophy of the National Boxing Championships of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.
At the Lightweight class (60 kg) the two top Kyrgyz elite boxers had to meet each other once again. Meder Mamakeyev was member of the national top squad in 2013 while his main rival Akzhol Sulaymanbek Uulu boxed in the major tournaments for Kyrgyzstan in 2014 and this year. The aggressive Mamakeyev controlled their repeat match this time and defended his throne in Bishkek.
ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist Ermek Sakenov was not enough lucky in the recent major events, suffered tight losses due bad circumstances. Kyrgyzstan’s national pride did not compete in the last edition but this time the 28-year-old boxer was there in the event and defeated Daniyar Damirdin Uulu in the final of teh Light Welterweight class (64 kg).
Bakyt Zhigitaliyev was near to do surprise in the last edition but his current skills were enough to do a sensational triumph in the semi-final. He eliminated defending champion and national team member 25-year-old Erkinbek Bolotbek Uulu in the last four and controlled his final against National Championships bronze medallist Ilyaz Mukanbetov at the Welterweight class (69 kg).
National team member Azamat Kanybek Uulu defeated ASBC Asian Confederation Youth Boxing Championships bronze medallist Abdu-Said Masiumov in the semi-final and had to meet for the gold with Marat Abdykalykov. The experienced boxer defeated his younger rival in the final which was a narrow one while talented Meder Stanbekov claimed bronze medal at the Middleweight class (75 kg).
Erkin Adylbek Uulu is a tall boxer who could qualify to the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships which was his career highlight. The 24-year-old boxer had to meet with a strong veteran in the final of the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg) Ilyar Akhmetov but using his longer distance he could defend his throne in Bishkek.
Chyngyz Borbashev won several international events during his career and he is member of the national squad since 2004 therefore his experiences were enough to get another title in Bishkek. The Heavyweight class (91 kg) boxer defeated ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships bronze medallist Sergei Parenko in a narrow fight which was their fifth battle in the recent two years. The last gold medal of the event was achieved by Shermukhammad Khakimov who moved up to the Super Heavyweight class (+91 kg) in 2014 and defeated Omurgazy Kalchayev of Talas.

Winners in the Kyrgyzstan National Boxing Championships
49 kg: Turat Osmonov
52 kg: Zhanybek Musayev
56 kg: Omurbek Malabekov
60 kg: Meder Mamakeyev
64 kg: Ermek Sakenov
69 kg: Bakyt Zhigitaliyev
75 kg: Azamat Kanybek Uulu
81 kg: Erkin Adylbek Uulu
91 kg: Chyngyz Borbashev
+91 kg: Shermukhammad Khakimov