Young stars as Huang Hsiao Wen and Chen Nien Chin won the golds in the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup

Young stars as Huang Hsiao Wen and Chen Nien Chin won the golds in the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup
After the Chinese Taipei National Games their National President’s Cup was held in Taipei where the event was scheduled for elite, youth and junior age groups. Women and men boxers also were able to take part in the biggest national event of Chinese Taipei where boxing is a developing sport.
Taipei hosted the AIBA Women’s Youth/Junior World Boxing Championships on May and their hopes claimed medals in that global event. Chinese Taipei’s elite women boxers also did well in the recent one year, achieving podium places in the important international competitions in Asia and also in Europe.
In the women elite age group Taipei City Cup bronze medallist Hsieh Meng Chun won the first gold medal of the President’s Cup and defended her title. AIBA Women’s Youth World Championships silver medallist Huang Hsiao Wen returned from the Balkan Women’s Tournament with a gold to Taipei and continued her winning path at home where she won the Bantamweight class (54 kg) using her height advantage against her rivals.
AIBA Women’s Youth World Champion Lin Yu Ting moved up two weight classes but her efforts were enough to win the Featherweight class (57 kg) in the President’s Cup. Chen Mei Ling was silver medallist in the last edition of the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup one year ago but this time she was crowned at the Lightweight class (60 kg). Their Welterweight class (69 kg) No.1 Chen Chia Chun defended her throne.
Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games silver medallist 18-year-old Chen Nien Chien is the main future star of the developing country who could beat all of her rivals at home and achieved the gold medal at the Olympic Middleweight class (75 kg) in spite of the fact she took part also in the Balkan Women’s Tournament in Bulgaria just before the event. Talented Wu Shih Yi lost to star Huang Hsiao Wen in the final one year ago but now she delivered the best performance in the women youth age group.
The best men boxer of the country Yang Yu Ting returned to the world of boxing during their National Games which was held only a few weeks ago. The 27-year-old Middleweight class (75 kg) boxer returned with gold medal on that important event but due his preparations to the main goals in 2016 he could not fight in the President’s Cup.
Youth President’s Cup winner 19-year-old Lin Hung Ta defeated the main gold medal favourite of the Light Flyweight class (49 kg) Tu Po Wei in the semi-final and continued the winning path against Lin Jui Hsien in the gold medal bout. Strong Lai Yen Chen moved up to the Light Welterweight class (64 kg) but he was able to win his next title in the President’s Cup over the weekend.
Tseng Sheng Hao is an experienced man boxer who defeated Lin Cheng Kai in the final of the Welterweight class (69 kg). Yeh Chin An moved back to his original category to the Light Heavyweight class (81 kg) and repeated his triumph at the President’s Cup after the 2014 edition. Chiu Yu Chuan went down to the Heavyweight class (91 kg) but he also won that category after his success in 2014.
Chinese Taipei’s biggest future hope could be AIBA Junior World Boxing Championships bronze medallist 18-year-old Jan Chun Hsien who was too strong for all of his rivals at the Youth Flyweight class (52 kg) including defending champion Hsu Yu Fa. Kan Chia Wei also proved strong performance in the Youth Middleweight class (75 kg) and defended his throne in the President’s Cup.

Winners in the Chinese Taipei National President’s Cup
Women’s 48 kg: Hsieh Meng Chun
Women’s 51 kg: Li Chia Fen
Women’s 54 kg: Huang Hsiao Wen
Women’s 57 kg: Lin Yu Ting
Women’s 60 kg: Chen Mei Ling
Women’s 64 kg: Lin Li Wei
Women’s 69 kg: Chen Chia Chun
Women’s 75 kg: Chen Nien Chin
Women’s 81 kg: Mai Chih Hsiang
Women’s +81 kg: Chen Yu Fang
Men’s 49 kg: Lin Hung Ta
Men’s 52 kg: Lin Yu Ting
Men’s 56 kg: Lin Yu Chun
Men’s 60 kg: Hung Chia Ching
Men’s 64 kg: Lai Yen Chen
Men’s 69 kg: Tseng Sheng Hao
Men’s 75 kg: Chung Yung Cheng
Men’s 81 kg: Yeh Chin An
Men’s 91 kg: Chiu Yu Chuan
Men’s +91 kg: Ting Yu Che