Kholova and Nazarova defended their thrones at the Tajikistan Women’s Junior National Championships

The women’s finals were held in the new edition of the Tajikistan Junior National Championships in their capital city in Dushanbe. Altogether 42 young girls competed in the Tajikistan Junior National Championships where two 16-year-old young hopes as Bibinashastamo Kholova and Saodat Nazarova defended their thrones.

The Tajikistan Junior National Boxing Championships was their last national event in 2020 which took place in Dushanbe. Boxers who were born in 2004 and in 2005 were eligible to attend in the upcoming Tajikistan Junior National Championships from all regions of the country and for both genders.  

Tajikistan hosted its Elite National Boxing Championships in April, then the Schoolboys National Boxing Championships in September and the Youth National Championships later keeping all of their age groups fit and active before the top international competitions. The last national competition for the junior boxers delivered tough battles among the girls.

Tajikistan’s boxing life turned into a new era when Bakhodur Usmonov achieved the title in the Bangkok 2019 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships. Tajikistan impressed also in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Confederation Junior Boxing Championships on October where Abdurakhim Yokubov achieved gold medal and their boxers proved strong developments.

Dushanbe’s Maruf Shukronai won the first title of the Tajikistan Women’s Junior National Championships following her success over Muborak Yodgorova in the final of the 42kg weight category. Dushanbe’s Khatija Malikoyeva claimed the second title of the national event at the 44kg weight class after beating Idimo Shabnami. Khatlon’s Maryam Izatulloyeva defeated her regional fellow Sayora Kurbonova in the next final of the national event.

The Khatlon region has got several strong girls and their next talent Fariza Yokubova defeated all of their rivals including Khisrav Sayorai in the final of the light flyweight (48kg). Sumaiya Rakhmonova won regional events before the Junior National Championships and she had a tight success over Nizoramo Ochildiyeva of Dushanbe at the flyweight (50kg).

Khatlon’s Tojidin Gulrukhsori achieved silver medal at the light flyweight (48kg) in the 2019 edition of the Junior National Championships which she changed into gold after beating Zafar Mekhronai in the final of the light bantamweight (52kg). Amina Isabayeva was silver medallist in the 2019 Tajikistan Junior National Championships and she advanced to her next final following her semi-final success over Makhbuba Amrokhonova. The 16-year-old Dushanbe-based boxer suffered an unexpected loss in the final to Sumaiya Zobulsho.

Khatlon’s Bibinashastamo Kholova is the best female junior boxer in Tajikistan who attended also in the Fujairah 2019 ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships and reached the Top8. The 16-year-old girl won the title of the bantamweight (54kg) one year ago and she claimed her second gold medal. Kholova moved up to the featherweight (57kg) but she was enough strong to beat a dangerous rival, Oysha Khodjayeva.

The lightweight (60kg) gold medal went to Khatlon’s Anastasia Dubova who controlled her final over Mamadjon Sharipova. Saodat Nazarova is a talented girl from the Khatlon region who won the light bantamweight (52kg) in the 2019 Tajikistan Junior National Championships. The 16-year-old boxer competed at the +60kg weight class in the new national event and claimed her second gold after beating Amrullo Shukronai.

List of the winners in the Tajikistan Women’s Junior National Championships
Women’s 42kg: Maruf Shukronai
Women’s 44kg: Khatija Malikoyeva
Women’s 46kg: Maryam Izatulloyeva
Women’s 48kg: Fariza Yokubova
Women’s 50kg: Sumaiya Rakhmonova
Women’s 52kg: Tojidin Gulrukhsori
Women’s 54kg: Sumaiya Zobulsho
Women’s 57kg: Bibinashastamo Kholova
Women’s 60kg: Anastasia Dubova
Women’s +60kg: Saodat Nazarova

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