Interview with Mr. Choijiljav Damdinsuren

Choijiljav Damdinsuren
Mr. Choijiljav Damdinsuren: Mongolia will host new boxing events
Mr. Choijiljav Damdinsuren is the Vice-President of the Mongolian Boxing Federation who is planning to lead his nation’s boxing life into a new direction. We asked him about Mongolia’s boxing life, and their future plans in the international level.
“We have got 23 different regions in the country and all of them have got clubs and own boxing teams. The background is very important in boxing and we are trying to involve our youth to boxing to show boxing how great sport is. Boxing is among the top sports in Mongolia besides to judo and wrestling. We hosted a big schoolboys event three months ago with 600 boxers and we are trying to follow this direction. We are planning to host another continental events after the 2012 ASBC Asian Confederation Women’s Boxing Championships and also launch a new event the Dzhinghis Cup next year. I would like to thank you ASBC President Mr. Serik Konakbayev for his hard work which is great commitment to boxing,” said Mr. Choijiljav Damdinsuren who is satisfied with the performance of the Mongolian boxers in the ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships.