Interview with ASBC President Mr. Serik Konakbayev

Mr. Serik Konakbayev - Interview

Mr. Serik Konakbayev is proud of Asia’s continuous developments
President of the Asian Boxing Confederation and Vice-President of AIBA Mr. Serik Konakbayev arrived to the venue of the AIBA World Boxing Championships to Doha still in the preliminary stage of the competition to watch the performance of the Asian boxers in the picturesque capital city of Qatar.
Mr. Serik Konakbayev summarized his thoughts after five competition days of the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships.
“We had three successful ASBC Asian Boxing Championships in the recent months in Tashkent, in Wulanchabu and finally in Bangkok. On those events we showed the power of the Asian continent to the world as we had more than 400 boxers and the performance of the women elite, men elite and also for our junior boxers were excellent. Asia has got great future potential in boxing and our strategic plans is to raise our position in the battle among the continents.
The Asian Boxing Confederation is focusing to the Rio 2016 Olympics in the tactical level and following seven of our athletes qualified to the Games we could recognize our current potential here in the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships. The Asian boxers collected finally amazing 13 medals here in the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships and we could do a big impact in the world’s boxing life. Asia’s performance improved in comparison to the previous editions and now not only Kazakhstan could surprise the boxing world.
Uzbekistan impressed the whole world which we could recognize also in Bangkok where their boxers took nine medals. Kazakhstan is also among the key boxing nations in the world while China, India, Philippines and Thailand bagged medals in Doha from our continent which shows our diversity and background potential. Host Qatar, Mongolia, Japan and Jordan are also impressed in Doha.
The Asian Boxing Confederation working hard together with the affiliated national federations to get record number of Olympic quotas to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games,” said ASBC President and AIBA Vice-President Mr. Serik Konakbayev after the quarter-finals of the Doha 2015 AIBA World Boxing Championships.