India shared physical and mental guidelines with their athletes during Covid-19

India is active in the sport and boxing map in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic which affects the country. Boxing Federation of India shared an important guideline with their athletes to follow the instructions during the virus situation, train at home and be healthy and fit in the quarantine period. The efforts of the country are effective and their boxers are in strong physical conditions due to the high activities of their National Federation.

The guideline contains important key factors as mental health and dealing with uncertainty, maintaining social connections and motivation and goal settings. All of the athletes have to control only what is controllable, focus on the personal developments, training safely and maintaining physical distancing. The athletes have to accept that feelings associated with stress is normal and it is the response to the uncertain environment.

Deep breathing, relaxation, music listening, daily routine and write about your feelings can help in the hard period to keep the athletes’ mind fit and positive. The open communication, the motivation, the positivity, helping some actions, the feedbacks from coaches, the social networks with wider contacts can support to change the attitude and behaviors.

Creating a daily structure and alternate goals support the wellbeing during the quarantine period. The personal developments, learning a new skill, taking up a hobby and the wider social networks are important to find new goals and motivations.

Following the European Shadowboxing Challenge, India, Pakistan and Macau launched their similar projects to keep their boxers fit and motivated. The India Shadowboxing Challenge the ISBC2020 finished on June 15 and the project reached thousands of participants not only in all regions of the country but many more around the globe. The India Shadowboxing Challenge was a great impact in the recent weeks which inspired boxers in various age groups from small children up to stalwarts.

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