Future stars as Toirova and Bozorboyeva dominated their weight categories at the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Cup

The junior finals were exciting at the Uzbekistan Women’s National Cup which took place in the city of Urgench where altogether 204 youth and junior contests were held until the end of the title contests. Uzbekistan’s two junior sensations as Oysha Toirova and Sanobar Bozorboyeva both dominated their categories in Urgench.  

The younger Uzbek girls, their new junior sensations impressed at the Dubai 2021 ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships on August. Following the ASBC Championships in Dubai, their junior hopes won titles and several medals at the Commonwealth of Independent States Junior Games in Kazan, Russia on September short after the Asian event.

Boxers who were born in 2006 and in 2007 were eligible to attend at the Uzbekistan Women’s Junior National Cup. Altogether 131 junior girls attended in the National Cup for the 13 available titles and the smallest pinweight (46kg) was the most popular category with the participation of 28 boxers. This is an all-time record in Uzbekistan’s women’s boxing life, never happened in the past that the country had such huge amount of girls in one category.

Dzhizak is famous of its women’s boxing schools and their new sensation could be Jasmin Tokhirova who defeated all of her rivals in the Junior National Cup including Zilola Yusufova in the final of the pinweight (46kg). Bukhara’s Sevinch Murodova was the main favourite at the light flyweight (48kg) but she was defeated by Namangan’s Rukhshona Mirzayeva in the quarter-finals and her opponent won the gold medal in this strong category.

Ferghana’s Khilola Mashrapova was busy in the Junior National Cup, she had to beat four rivals in the competition and among them she stopped by RSC two opponents. The 15-year-old flyweight (50kg) boxer had an impressive final battle against Maskhura Bakhtiyorova but she managed to win the gold medal. The fourth title in the competition was taken by Rakhima Bekniyazova of Karakalpakstan who defeated Bukhara’s favourite Firuza Sharipova in the final of the light bantamweight (52kg).

Bukhara’s next finalist Uzukjamol Yunusova worked better than her teammate Sharipova and defeated her main rivals as Farangiz Olimjonova and Zukhro Rustamova of Navoy earning the gold medal of the bantamweight (54kg). Odina Ismoilova of Ferghana outpointed all of her opponents including Tamanno Abdujabbarova in the final of the featherweight (57kg). Thirteen boxers attended at the lightweight (60kg) in Urgench and Dinora Matnazarova won that category after beating four rivals.

Samarkand has got a progressive women’s team and their new 15-year-old talent, Rukhshona Shakarova proved her hard work and stopped Jumagul Erkinova of Namangan in the next final of the Junior National Cup. Dzhizak’s Umida Abdukhalilova is one of the most experienced junior talents in Uzbekistan but she had tough a road to the gold medal of the welterweight (66kg) as Gulyora Naziraliyeva of Andizhan was a strong rival.

Defending ASBC Asian Women’s Junior Champion Oysha Toirova of Ferghana was unbeaten in 2021 and the 15-year-old boxer impressed also in Urgench. Uzbekistan’s biggest talent in the 2006 age group was too strong for Karakalpakstan’s Aygerim Orinbayeva whose ringside abandoned the unequal contest. Uzbekistan’s next big hope, ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships silver medallist Sanobar Bozorboyeva of Samarkand also dominated her category, the middleweight (75kg) stopping Sabina Narzullayeva in the final.

Namangan’s Rukhshona Parpiyeva had a hard job against Dzhizak’s Rukhshona Murtazokulova in the semi-finals but she delivered better performance in the final against Rukhshona Jurakulova taking the title of the light heavyweight (80kg). Six boxers attended in the heaviest category in Urgench where Andizhan’s Sobirakhon Shakhobiddinova overwhelmed her rivals with quick successes. 

List of the junior winners in the Uzbekistan Women’s National Cup
46kg: Jasmin Tokhirova
48kg: Rukhshona Mirzayeva
50kg: Khilola Mashrapova
52kg: Rakhima Bekniyazova
54kg: Uzukjamol Yunusova
57kg: Odina Ismoilova
60kg: Dinora Matnazarova
63kg: Rukhshona Shakarova
66kg: Umida Abdukhalilova
70kg: Oysha Toirova
75kg: Sanobar Bozorboyeva
80kg: Rukhshona Parpiyeva
+80kg: Sobirakhon Shakhobiddinova

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