Fifteen new champions at the Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships

The Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Boxing Championships celebrated its 15 new and young champions in a grandiose competition.

The city of Oskemen hosted the event which is the administrative center of East Kazakhstan region. Altogether 328 boxers from all regions of Kazakhstan competed in the Schoolboys National Championships covering 15 weight classes. The 33kg was an additional category in the event next to the official fourteen categories from the 35kg up to the +70kg.

The best team was the Turkestan region which earned five titles in Oskemen and topped the overall medal standings. The East Kazakhstan region was the runner-up in the rankings with their four gold medals in Oskemen. The Dzhambul region bagged eleven medals including three titles in this schoolboy competition. The Mangystau region, the Pavlodar region and the city of Almaty each achieved one gold medal in the Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships.

The first winner of the national event was Ualikhan Ramazanov from the Pavlodar region who had a unanimous success over Korganbek Baltin of Akmola region at the 33kg. The second title was achieved by Temirlan Kanseitov of Almaty who had a smart box against Syrym Sultan of Dzhambul region.

Turkestan region’s Zhumagali Nurmakhan was the youngest winner in the entire Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships in Oskemen, he defeated Aslan Zhenispayev at the 37kg weight class. Dias Saidakarim had a close success at the 40kg, and his teammate from the Turkestan region, Sayan Askarbek also won his 58kg final narrowly.

East Kazakhstan region prepared strongly to this national event, their Temirali Temirbayev (43kg), Sanzhar Madeniyet (46kg), Aldiyar Bayandinov (52kg), and Sanzhar Matasov (64kg) delighted their families and the local fans. Dzhambul region’s Ali Rustembek impressed at the 70kg final, he dominated that contest against Rinat Yerboluly of East Kazakhstan.

The Kazakhs have been preparing to the upcoming ASBC Asian Schoolboys & Schoolgirls Boxing Championships

The list of the winners at the 2023 Kazakhstan Schoolboys National Championships

33kg: Ualikhan Ramazanov, 2009

 35kg: Temirlan Kanseitov, 2009

 37kg: Zhumagali Nurmakhan, 2010

 40kg: Dias Saidikarim, 2009

 43kg: Temirali Temirbayev, 2009

 46kg: Sanzhar Madeniyet, 2009

 49kg: Daryn Tashmukhanbetov, 2009

 52kg: Aldiyar Bayandinov, 2009

 55kg: Adilet Ustemenko, 2009

 58kg: Sayan Askarbek, 2009

 61kg: Abylay Talgat, 2009

 64kg: Sanzhar Matasov, 2009

 67kg: Kuanysh Urumbasar, 2009

 70kg: Ali Rustembek, 2009

 +70kg: Arsen Zholdygul, 2009

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