Asmita Duwal and Sushil Thapa had difficult finals at the Nepal Asian Games Pre-Selection Tournament

Following the Nepal Boxing’s Bir Ghaneshman Singh National Championships, and the Army Boxing Championships, the country hosted its next event, the Asian Games Pre-Selection Tournament. Among Nepal’s top boxers, Asmita Duwal and Sushil Thapa Magar both had tight final contests in the selection event.

The competition was the next selection competition for the Asian Games which will be held in Hangzhou, China starting from September 23. Nepal arranged several national competitions in 2023 to select the best team for the Asian Games. Nepal’s male boxers participated at the Men’s Elite World Boxing Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and those will join the selection process in the next event.

The first winner of the competition was an experienced female national team member, Asmita Duwal who had a seriously narrow final at the light flyweight (50kg) against K.C. Maya. Minu Gurung moved up to the bantamweight (54kg) but the national team member controlled all of the three rounds against Sanju Maya Thing.

Chandrakala Thapa is Nepal’s best female hope at the women’s featherweight (57kg) who competed in the recent big championships. Barsha Shrestha (60kg), Niru Gurung (66kg) and Manita Rai (75kg) were the further female winners in the Nepal Asian Games Pre-Selection Tournament.

Sushil Thapa Magar, the competitor from the 2019 ASBC Asian Elite Boxing Championships, has brilliant technical skills but he had to do his very best against Chandra Bahadur Thapa in the final of the men’s flyweight (51kg).

Mausam Rana Magar had a tough contest against Sohan Rai but due to his great finish, he was able to take the title of the light welterweight (63kg). Dipesh Lama stopped his final opponent at the light middleweight (71kg), Bikash Rana Magar using his strength advantage.

Dipak Shrestha is a veteran boxer who moved up to the light heavyweight (80kg) but he was in different level as all of his rivals in the selection event. Shrestha landed lethal shots in the first round and knocked out Suman Karki in the final of the competition.

The list of the winners at the 2023 Nepal Asian Games Pre-Selection Tournament

 Women’s 50kg: Asmita Duwal

 Women’s 54kg: Minu Gurung

 Women’s 57kg: Chandrakala Thapa

 Women’s 60kg: Barsha Shrestha

 Women’s 66kg: Niru Gurung

 Women’s 75kg: Manita Rai

 Men’s 51kg: Sushil Thapa Magar

 Men’s 57kg: Buddha Gyamjo Lama

 Men’s 63.5kg: Mausam Rana Magar

 Men’s 71kg: Dipesh Lama

 Men’s 80kg: Dipak Shrestha

 Men’s 92kg: Dipak Sunar

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