Experienced Kornelis Kwangu Langu won the best bout of the Indonesian National Boxing Championships in Lampung

The Indonesian National Boxing Championships for the women’s elite and men’s elite boxers were held in the city of Lampung where seventeen champions have been crowned. Experienced boxers as Kornelis Kwangu Langu, Matius Mandiangan and Julio Bria returned with successes while the youngest winner was a teenage hope Michael Roberrd Muskita in Lampung.
Following the AIBA 1-star Referee & Judge Course which was held in Hanoi at the Vietnam National Boxing Championships another R&J project hosted in the Southeast Asian region. The AIBA 1-star Referee & Judge Course was holding at the Indonesian National Boxing Championships in Lampung officiating with two experienced AIBA Instructors as Mr. David Pike of Australia and Mr. Paiboon Srichaisawat of Thailand.
Indonesia hosted the last edition of the Asian Games in Jakarta where two of their boxers claimed bronze medals this August. Indonesia’s female talent Huswatun Hasanah and another young hope Sunan Agung Amoragam won their medals in Jakarta which were their first ones since the Bangkok 1998 Asian Games.
Indonesia hosted also the Kapolri Cup for the women and men elite boxers this July before the Asian Games in Manado City where AIBA 2-stars Referee & Judge Course and AIBA 2-stars Coach Course were taking place during the competition.
The first gold medal of the Indonesian National Boxing Championships was taken by Sinta Augustin who defeated Ona Paays at the women’s pinweight (45kg). Following her success Endang delivered the main sensation of the female competition of the National Championships who triumphed over AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships competitor Aldriani Beatrichx Suguro in the final of the light flyweight (48kg).
Ainun Azizah received the right to attend at the New Delhi 2018 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and the 20-year-old flyweight (51kg) talent was slightly better than Novita Sinadia in the final. Another hectic title bout was held at the bantamweight (54kg) where Femy Benamen defeated Jubaitul by split decision.
Indonesia’s woman hero in 2018 was Asian Games bronze medallist Huswatun Hasanah who turned to 20 this year and celebrated her birthday with fantastic international successes. The young lightweight (60kg) boxer was enough strong to dominate her final against Novizar Maulina in Lampung. The last gold medal in the women part of the Indonesian National Championships was taken by Ildawati who used her best fighting distance against Margaretha Natha in the final of the light welterweight (64kg).
The pinweight (46kg) was a crowded category in the men’s part of the Indonesian National Championships which was won by Juandi Abas in Lampung. Two stars had to meet in the final of the light flyweight (49kg) which is always one of the strongest ones in Indonesia. ASBC Asian Confederation Boxing Championships quarter-finalist Kornelis Kwangu Langu defeated President’s Cup winner Mario Blasius Kali this time in their top final.
Indonesia’s Southeast Asian Games winner Aldoms Suguro started well at the men’s flyweight (52kg) and kept his focus until the end of the national event where he did not give any chance to his main rivals such as Ilham Tapajati and Dudu Surya Maulana. Another well experienced and Southeast Asian Games gold medallist boxer Julio Bria of Bali returned with powerful performance and won the bantamweight (56kg) in Lampung.
Jakarta 2018 Asian Games quarter-finalist Farrand Buyung Papendang was the main favourite of the men’s lightweight (60kg) but he was defeated by another experienced boxer Southeast Asian Games silver medallist Matius Mandiangan in the final. International level boxers as Gregorius Gheda and Libertus Gha were expected gold at the light welterweight (64kg) but finally Daniel Andrianus Mofu was able to celebrate the title in this strong division.
Saputra Samada also impressed in the final of the welterweight (69kg) and defeated Savon Simangunsong for the title while Asian Games competitor Saroha Tua Lumbantobing achieved only bronze in Lampung. The youngest winner of the whole Indonesian National Championships was Michael Roberrd Muskita who attended at the Budapest 2018 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships and triumphed over veteran Vinky Montolalu in the final of the middleweight (75kg).

List of the winners in the Indonesian National Boxing Championships
Women’s 45kg: Sinta Augustin
Women’s 48kg: Endang
Women’s 51kg: Ainun Azizah
Women’s 54kg: Femy Benamen
Women’s 57kg: Vinka Defri Bambuta
Women’s 60kg: Huswatun Hasanah
Women’s 64kg: Ildawati
Men’s 46kg: Juandi Abas
Men’s 49kg: Kornelis Kwangu Langu
Men’s 52kg: Aldoms Suguro
Men’s 56kg: Julio Bria
Men’s 60kg: Matius Mandiangan
Men’s 64kg: Daniel Andrianus Mofu
Men’s 69kg: Saputra Samada
Men’s 75kg: Michael Roberrd Muskita
Men’s 81kg: Bram Hendra Betaubun
Men’s 91kg: Riko Amanupunyo

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