Namiki and Irie won the Japanese Women’s National Selection Trials before the Qualifiers

The Japanese Women’s National Selection Trials was their next important competition after the Men’s Elite National Championships. Tsukimi Namiki, Sena Irie and Saya Hamamoto all impressed in their important finals and remained their chance alive to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.   Japan will be ... More

Kazakova, Uktamova and Turdibekova were the heroes of the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup

The Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup was taking place in the city of Namangan which is located in the northern edge of the Ferghana Valley. Among the heroes of the recent ASBC Asian Confederation Junior and Youth Boxing Championships, Feruza Kazakova, Nigina Uktamova and Sitora Turdibekova defeated their ... More

Baatarsukh Chinzorig defeated Erdenebat Tsendbaatar in the battle of the stars at the Mongolian National Championships

The Mongolian Elite National Boxing Championships took place for their top female and male boxers in Erdenet City. The most anticipated fight of the national event was won by Baatarsukh Chinzorig who defeated AIBA World Boxing Championships bronze medallist Erdenebat Tsendbaatar in an exciting bout. Mongolia ... More

Historical milestone in Jordan where their Women’s National Championships became a success

The Jordan Women’s National Boxing Championships was a new milestone in the Western Asian country which re-launched their female programs. Jordan’s most experienced female boxers as Reem Al-Shamare, Danya Al-Natseh and a returning boxer Randa Abdalkhaleq won their weight classes in the National Championships. ... More

ASBC President Mr. Anas Alotaiba wishes Happy New Year to the whole Asian Boxing Family

The President of the Asian Boxing Confederation (ASBC) and the Vice-President of the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Mr. Anas Alotaiba of the United Arab Emirates wishes Happy New Year to all boxing officials, boxers, coaches, stakeholders, media members, National Federations and to the whole Asian Boxing ... More