Historical milestone in Jordan where their Women’s National Championships became a success

The Jordan Women’s National Boxing Championships was a new milestone in the Western Asian country which re-launched their female programs. Jordan’s most experienced female boxers as Reem Al-Shamare, Danya Al-Natseh and a returning boxer Randa Abdalkhaleq won their weight classes in the National Championships.

The competition was held under the patronage of his Royal Highness Princess who supports their boxing life actively. Altogether 88 boxers attended in the Jordan Women’s National Championships from the lowest age groups up to the elite level in Amman where 30 female athletes have been crowned.

Following the event, four women’s national teams have been formed in each age group to make them ready to attend in the international stages. The engine of Jordan’s women boxing life is Mrs. Arifa Bseiso who competed several events as a boxer and her strong management skills are supporting their future plans.

Jordan competed at the 2010 ASBC Asian Women’s Boxing Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan and their best girls attended also in the 2016 Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualification Events. The best elite women boxers of the country competed at the Zagreb Grand Prix in Croatia one month ago and they have been preparing to the upcoming Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualification Event.

The youngest female boxers who attended in the National Championships were born in the year of 2009 and these 10-year-old talents proved strong fighting spirit in the event. The event was a great success for these young girls especially for Rayan Abukhadeja (40kg), Nadeen Almanaser (43kg), and Rama Jarrar (52kg).

The schoolgirls attended in six different weight classes in the Jordan Women’s National Boxing Championships, the juniors competed in seven different categories. The youth winners were Hanan Nasar (51kg) and Shahed Raba (64kg) in the two-day long competition in Jordan’s capital. 

Among Jordan’s most experienced elite boxers Reem Al-Shamare dominated the flyweight (51kg) in Amman and defeated Haneen Alsadeq in the final. Danya Al-Natseh has got already international experiences therefore her success in the final of the lightweight (60kg) was not a surprise. Astana 2010 ASBC Asian Women’s Boxing Championships bronze medallist Randa Abdalkhaleq returned to the world of boxing after a few years of break who controlled her final against Aya Abu Raas.

List of the junior, youth and elite winners in the Jordan Women’s National Championships

Junior 46kg: Ranool Zaidan
Junior 50kg: Abla Al-Shraedah
Junior 54kg: Selena Al-Hasanat
Junior 63kg: Hanan Abu Abdeh
Junior 66kg: Deema Daghsh
Junior 75kg: Rasha Alshate
Junior +80kg: Islam Naouaf
Youth 51kg: Hanan Nasar
Youth 64kg: Shahed Raba
Elite 48kg: Eman Abughnaem
Elite 51kg: Reem Al-Shamare
Elite 57kg: Amal Al-Rababeh
Elite 60kg: Danya Al-Natseh
Elite 64kg: Tala Yousif
Elite 69kg: Noor Al-Nasoor
Elite 75kg: Bara Alabsei
Elite 81kg: Rand Aladwan
Elite +81kg: Randa Abdalkhaleq

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