Kazakova, Uktamova and Turdibekova were the heroes of the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup

The Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup was taking place in the city of Namangan which is located in the northern edge of the Ferghana Valley. Among the heroes of the recent ASBC Asian Confederation Junior and Youth Boxing Championships, Feruza Kazakova, Nigina Uktamova and Sitora Turdibekova defeated their national rivals in Namangan which is only 30km far from the border of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Following the Uzbekistan Junior National Cup and other important competitions, the best female boxers of the country attended in the selection competition. Altogether 87 female talents competed for the medals in the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup and 10 champions celebrated their titles following the finals.

Boxers who were born in 2002 and in 2003 were eligible to attend in the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup which was their first selection tournament for the 2020 international events. Uzbekistan’s 2002 and 2003 age groups are similar strong in female boxing than in the men’s level therefore the quality of the event was world class.

Bukhara’s Marzhona Savriyeva attended in the Ulaanbaatar ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships following her two national titles. The 17-year-old boxer had a tough final against Namangan’s ASBC Asian Junior Boxing Championships bronze medallist Mokhlaroyim Savriddinova but Savriyeva’s skills were enough to beat her rival.

A small sensation was done by ASBC Asian Junior Champion Feruza Kazakova who eliminated another continental gold medallist Sabina Bobokulova in the semi-finals of the flyweight (51kg). The 16-year-old Kazakova was strongly confident after that impressive semi-final success in the final against Andizhan’s ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships bronze medallist Saydiniso Mukhamadalieva.

Defending ASBC Asian Junior Champion Nigina Uktamova of Samarkand joined to the youth age group in this new event and the 16-year-old boxer realized her golden dreams in the city of Namangan. Twelve boxers attended at the bantamweight (54kg) which Uktamova dominated and stopped all of her four opponents including Makhliyokhon Makhmudova in the final.

Samarkand’s Sitora Turdibekova won the Zhetysu Youth Cup in Kazakhstan two months ago and competed well in the Ulaanbaatar ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships therefore her success over Namangan’s Zamira Suyumova was not a surprise. Navoy’s Shakhzoda Toyirova is a new lightweight (60kg) hope but she dominated her final against Andizhan’s Muslimakhon Ulmasova.

Surkhondarya’s Dilfuza Bekova not only attended in the Ulaanbaatar ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships but she claimed bronze there which supported her national success over Ferghana’s Mokhinabonu Abdullaeva.

Namangan’s Dilshoda Mirzamakhmudova is a new face among the winners who walked over to the gold following her super favourite opponent Dzhizak’s ASBC Asian Youth Boxing Championships bronze medallist Khadijabonu Abdullaeva was unable to box against her in the final of the welterweight (69kg).

Namangan’s next title was achieved by Mumtozbegim Kosimova who had a tough final against Sokhiba Ruzmetova but she managed her success at the middleweight (75kg). Namangan’s three-in-a-row gold medal was captured by Umida Yokubova at the light heavyweight (81kg).

The heavyweight (+81kg) was crowded in comparison to the previous years and six boxers fought for the titles and among them Ferghana’s Nilufar Usmonova succeeded against Surkhondarya’s Nargiza Kurbonalieva.

List of the winners in the Uzbekistan Women’s Youth National Cup
Women’s Youth 48kg: Marzhona Savriyeva
Women’s Youth 51kg: Feruza Kazakova
Women’s Youth 54kg: Nigina Uktamova
Women’s Youth 57kg: Sitora Turdibekova
Women’s Youth 60kg: Shakhzoda Toyirova
Women’s Youth 64kg: Dilfuza Bekova
Women’s Youth 69kg: Dilshoda Mirzamakhmudova
Women’s Youth 75kg: Mumtozbegim Kosimova
Women’s Youth 81kg: Umida Yokubova
Women’s Youth +81kg: Nilufar Usmonova

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