Au Ying Ying and Alvin John Reyes impressed in the next Macau Open Boxing Championships

The next round of the traditional Macau Open Boxing Championships took place in the busy city of Macau and it was the second competition in the country this year. Hong Kong’s Au Ying Ying and Macau’s best male boxer, Alvin John Reyes were the best athletes in this Open Boxing Championships.

Macau Boxing arranged a previous competition a few months ago and the new edition supported the preparations for the Asian Games and other regional competitions. Macau, China, and Hong Kong joined the new round of the Open and strengthened the event.

Mr. Billy Vong is the engine in Macau’s boxing who arranged all of the important organizational parts in the event. The International Technical Official was the organizer of all boxing events, summer training programs, shadowboxing competitions in the previous years.

The competition holds every year three-times and it is the region’s top event where several age groups, the schoolboys, juniors, youth and elite boxers all are on the board.  Lei Siu Ngai was the first winner of the last Macau Open at the schoolboys 35kg weight class a few months ago, and he repeated that performance in the new edition against Wu Bu Jiao of China.

Chan Man Man is the best female boxer in Macau who has international experiences from various events. She will be Macau’s lone participant in boxing at the Asian Games and she used the Open Boxing Championships as an active preparation. Macau’s featherweight (57kg) pride lost to Hong Kong’s Asian & Oceanian Olympic Qualifying Event competitor Au Ying Ying in the final but the bout was the best in the competition.

Alvin John Reyes is the best male boxer in Macau who won the Macau Open for the very first time in 2019. He defeated Chan Chun Wai in the final of the lightweight (60kg) last time and in the new edition he was too strong for Kwong Tsze Chun.

Ho Long Yat moved up to the light middleweight (71kg) but he had the technical repertoires to beat So Chun Fei in the final while Ng Lei Wai won the next bout in the same weight class. Further notable winners were the elite boxers Cheung Chi Ho, Lee Ho, You Chak Ping and the youth talent, Cheng Kwun Hei.

The list of the winners at the 2023 Macau Open Boxing Championships in August

 Schoolboys 35kg: Lei Siu Ngai, Macau

 Men’s Youth 57kg: Tam Chi Keun, Hong Kong

 Men’s Youth 71kg: Cheng Kwun Hei, Macau

 Women’s Elite 48kg: Cheung Lai Fan, Macau

 Women’s Elite 57kg: Au Ying Ying, Hong Kong

 Women’s Elite 60kg: Yuen Sze Man, Macau

 Men’s Elite 57kg: Mohammed Idlkaid, Macau

Men’s Elite 57kg: Yan Chung Yik, Macau

 Men’s Elite 60kg: Alvin John Reyes, Macau

 Men’s Elite 71kg: Ng Lei Wai, Macau

 Men’s Elite 71kg: Ho Long Yat, Macau

 Men’s Elite 75kg: Cheung Chi Ho, Macau

 Men’s Elite 75kg: Lee Ho, Macau

 Men’s Elite 80kg: You Chak Ping, Macau

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