ASBC Vice-President Mr. Saken Polatov opened the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships in Bukhara

Mr. Saken Polatov is the Vice-President of the Asian Boxing Confederation and the Chairman of the ASBC Fund & Development Commission who arrived to the historical city of Bukhara to open the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships. This national event is their next return to the competitions and many of their ASBC champions are attending in Bukhara.

Mr. Shohid Tillaboev, who is responsible for the general managing duties in the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation, also follows the competition from the venue. The Special Advisor of the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation Mr. Malik Babaev is also a key official who arrived to Bukhara. Uzbekistan’s best AIBA 3-star Referee & Judge Mr. Aleksandr Hamidov lives in Bukhara and arranged several organizational duties before the start of the event.

Bukhara is an ancient city in Uzbekistan which was one of the stops in the Great Silk Road trade route during the Middle Ages between East and West. Bukhara was also one of the educational and cultural centre of the Islamic theology and science between the 9th and the 17th centuries. Bukhara is also famous of its current sport life and boxing is powerful in the city, many of the Uzbek stars were born there.

Uzbekistan Boxing Federation could not organize any of the national events in the recent three months due to the next wave of the Covid-19 but the country is now strong enough in vaccination. The Uzbekistan Youth National Championships holds for their male boxers who were born in 2004 and in 2005. These young Uzbek talents can compete for the international youth competitions in 2022.

The boxers can compete in the official 13 youth categories from the light flyweight (48kg) up to the super heavyweight (+92kg). The number of the participating boxers is 362 in the new edition of the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships which is a higher figure in comparison to the 2020 event. The lightweight (60kg) is the most popular category with the participation of 44 boxers ahead of the bantamweight (54kg) where 43 athletes compete for the medals in Bukhara.

ASBC Champions and medallists from Kuwait City and Dubai are attending in the Uzbekistan Youth National Championships which made the event world class and unique. Medallists and titleholders from the last edition of the Commonwealth of Independent States Junior Games are also strengthening the event. Khumoyunmirzo Abdurasulov (48kg), Bakhtiyor Yakshiboyev (48kg), Hojiakbar Mahmudov (51kg), Javokhir Koysinov (51kg), Anvar Boltaboyev (54kg), Sayat Ilyasov (54kg), Dalerjon Bozorov (57kg), Kakhramonjon Fozilov (57kg), Jakhongir Narziyev (60kg), Umidullo Abdurasulov (60kg), Bilolbek Ikhvolov (63.5kg), Javokhir Ummataliyev (63.5kg), Jakhonmurod Imamaliyev (63.5kg), Lazizbek Tulkinov (63.5kg), Shavkatjon Boltayev (67kg), Fazliddin Erkinboyev (67kg), Bekzod Bekmurodov (67kg), Sardorbek Tursunov (80kg), Aynazar Kenesbayev (92kg) and Ravshanjon Soliyev (+92kg) could be the main stars of the event.

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