ASBC Heroes – Uzbekistan’s best boxer from the 2006 age group Farrukh Tulaganov

Uzbekistan’s Farrukh Tulaganov was one of the youngest winners in the Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships. The currently 14-year-old Uzbek was one of the ASBC Heroes in 2019 and his skills determines his amazing future. Uzbekistan has got hundreds of talents in each age group but Farrukh Tulaganov’s level is above his compatriots.

Farrukh Tulaganov was born in 2006 and the Tashkent-based boxer impressed first in their 2019 edition of the Uzbekistan Schoolboys Boxing Championships. The gold medal of the 40kg weight class in that national event was taken by Tashkent’s 13-year-old pride who stopped Ferghana’s Ulugbek Khamidov in the final.

Tulaganov competed at the 2019 Zirve Children Boxing Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan which was his first international event out of Uzbekistan but he won the gold medal in that competition as well. Tulaganov can switch his stance between southpaw and orthodox which is seriously rare in his age group.

Uzbekistan’s youngest team member Kuwait City 2019 ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships Farrukh Tulaganov won all of his contests in 2019 in each competition. The Uzbek was amazing in his first contest against Kyrgyzstan’s Abdelaziz Burkushev but following that he had seriously hard road to the finals.

Tulaganov had to face for the gold medal in Kuwait City with Turkmenistan’s most experienced boxer Alisher Orazbayev who had strong RSC triumph in the previous stages. The 14-year-old boxer from Turkmenistan controlled the first round but his Uzbek opponent was able to turn back their narrow final at the 40kg weight class in Kuwait City achieving his nation’s third title.

Uzbekistan’s top talent in this age group Farrukh Tulaganov turned to 14 this year but he is already such a decorated athlete in boxing. Following his gold at the 2019 Kuwait City ASBC Asian Schoolboys Boxing Championships, Tulaganov defended his national title in 2020, he stopped Andizhan’s Aadbek Solijonov in the final of his new weight division which is the 49kg now.

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